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Re: Old School, but Still Going Strong

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  • captain2man
    I d like to echo Butterbust - Happy Birthday Lips! I was at the Halford show in Brooklyn on Friday night....I didn t notice the Anvil shirt - wish I had. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2003
      I'd like to echo Butterbust - Happy Birthday Lips!

      I was at the Halford show in Brooklyn on Friday night....I didn't
      notice the Anvil shirt - wish I had.

      I thought he was really good....it seemed like there were some mic
      problems - a lot of feedback at times.

      But - I'll tell you - he's got one hell of a band!! The song
      selection was very strongly from the new record...which, in my
      opinion, is not as good as "Resurrection" - but still damn good after
      a few repeated listens. I had to keep in mind that these were warm-
      up shows for a bigger tour coming up in a couple of months - so I'm
      thinking the band probably played as many new songs as possible -
      just to see what works live, and what doesn't.

      At the Friday night show - he did play a couple of Fight songs -
      "Into the Pit" & "Nailed to the Gun" - which both sounded great. I
      agree - the Priest song selection was way too obvious...but, it was
      still a great show. I mean - when else are you going to see Halford
      in a club-like atmosphere like that, right??

      Symphony X sounded really good, too - but we only caught the last 15
      minutes of their set. Perhaps a bit too theatrical for my
      tastes....but I'd definitely check them out again. Jersey boys!

      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, butterbust <no_reply@y...>
      > Happy Belated Birthday LIPS!
      > Saw Halford this weekend in Brooklyn, and there was a (not so)
      > lady wearing an ANVIL T-shirt. I informed her that it was cool and
      > that LIPS' birthday was this weekend. She informed me that was why
      > she wore the shirt! Well she sure put me in my place.
      > Good performance from Halford & Co., especially on Saturday night.
      > only complaint is that some of the weaker songs (in my opinion )
      > Crucible were aired rather than a few of the better ones. In
      > particular I would have much rather heard "Betrayal" rather
      > than "Crystal" or "Sun" or "Trail Of Tears." Also the Judas Priest
      > selections were obvious: "Breaking the law", "You've Got Another
      > Thing Comin", "Living After Midnight" (yawn). Opening the show
      > with "painkiller" into "Jawbreaker" was quite cool however! A
      > of Fight tunes and some the best from Resurection("Silent Screams"
      > would have been cool but anyway). Good performance, better sound
      > second night but identical sets.
      > Symphony X was an excellent opener and I look forward to seeing
      > great band again when they headline on March 14. Good Stuff.
      > LIPS, again Happy Birthday. Hope that you enjoyed Florida, now play
      > show in NEW YORK, man! All the best.
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