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Fwd: [detritus] Newsflash - Fire at Great White show

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    A week ago, I was watching a documentary about pyrotechnics danger, when it s not very precise and supervised. I have never been a fan of Great White, but I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2003
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      A week ago, I was watching a documentary about pyrotechnics danger, when it's not very precise and supervised. I have never been a fan of Great White, but I'm sorry for them. It could happen to any band playing in a bar, and it's really sad.
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      *** LET IT BE KNOWN ***
      -This completely shocked me. My brother and I just saw Great White at
      a small club in Milwaukee a few weeks ago. Our prayers go out to
      everyone affected by this tragedy. (What a terrible coincidence that
      this should happen the same week as the nightclub disaster here in
      Chicago this past Sunday night.)

      Here's a quick summary of a few news articles that have already
      started making the rounds. CNN has apparently been showing actual
      video of the fire, shot from inside the club. - Tim

      *** NEWSFLASH ***
      -A fire broke out during Great White's show last night at The Station
      in West Warwick, RI, killing at least 60 people and injuring 164 more.
      The club was destroyed and people are still missing, including
      guitarist Ty Longley. According to various reports from sources such
      as CNN, the AP, and others, a pyrotechnic effect went off during the
      set's first song and flames quickly ran up the wall behind the band.
      Some crowd members apparently thought it was all part of the show. The
      lights went out and there was no sprinkler system to douse the flames.
      The band jumped into the crowd as everyone tried to escape. One
      account said the "entire club was consumed by flames within three
      minutes," according to West Warwick Fire Chief Charles Hall.

      Singer Jack Russell said that prior to the show, the club's manager
      approved the use of the pyro. CNN reported the venue's stage
      technician, Paul Vanner, "said he was not aware that the band planned
      to use fireworks." Vanner said normally if pyro is to be used then a
      licensed expert will supervise -- but there was no supervisor last

      Fire Chief Hall said the club passed a fire inspection in December but
      did *not* have a permit to use pyrotechnics. According to another
      report, "officials say an investigation is under way to see if the
      nightclub had a license for fireworks." In the AP report, Hall said a
      sprinkler system wasn't required due to the building's size.

      Pictures and more info can be found at:
      *** OUT ***

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