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Re: 6 new songs

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  • tgalloca
    ... I have 2 bootlegs from June of 1984 with this song... Taking control Power rules my soul . ... Kiss of Death is fantastic!!! I didn t care for it back
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 24, 2003
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      > of the songs beleive it or not was a song we originally called Taking
      > Control which was writen back in late 83,
      > I'm not too sure if Tony
      > has heard this but I do remember playing this live a few times along
      > with Paper General and Senile King.

      I have 2 bootlegs from June of 1984 with this song... "Taking control
      Power rules my soul".

      > The only salvageable heavy songs were
      > Paper General , Flight of the Bumble Beast, Kiss of Death and
      > Concrete Jungle.

      Kiss of Death is fantastic!!! I didn't care for it back when it came
      out but now I love it. It was a song that took me time to
      appreciate...several years in fact. It has this chilling mood.
      What about Mad Dog? It's kind of goofy but it is a fun song. I've
      always liked it.

      > In fact Embalmer was one of those
      > songs, originally called Ball Breaker, "she's a hot sweet bitch gonna
      > get off so quick , your just another trick" I think I still have the
      > original lyric sheet with red magic marker in Dave's hand writing.

      I'd like to read that.
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