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Re: homophobia

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  • captain2man
    You know......I would stick my foot in my mouth.....I just ain t that limber. ... reason ... in ... you
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 22, 2003
      You know......I would stick my foot in my mouth.....I just ain't that

      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "xcygnusxyyzx
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      > if im homophobic then why my friend to I listen to QUEEN and JUDAS
      > PREIST wouldnt a true homophobic hate those two bands for the
      > that both there singers are gay. I find homosexuality a funny thing
      > actually, like I chuckle at the I dea of two guys pumpin eachother
      > the butt. Its funny. I dont look at it in a serious way at all. And
      > when people take issues like homosexuality too serious then thats
      > when all hell breaks loose. Did you know in ancient Japan some
      > samurai where gay, butsince there was no WORD for GAY or HOMOSEXUAL
      > it was an accepted practice. As for saying im ignorant thats for
      > to judge, but remember judging people with out knowing them is
      > PREJUDICE and slander. So why dont you take one big step back. And
      > then stick your foot in your mouth!!!
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