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Re: Captain 2 man

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  • captain2man
    *yawn* Hmm? What? Did you say something? zzzzzzz.......... It s all good. METAL!!!!!! ... the ... unserious ... if ... you ... a ... canadian ... dork,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 22, 2003



      Did you say something?


      It's all good.


      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "xcygnusxyyzx
      <xcygnusxyyzx@y...>" <xcygnusxyyzx@y...> wrote:
      > Are you seriously going to take offense to the fact that I called
      > singer of some sucky hair metal band a FUDGEPACKER? Thats pretty
      > silly Captain. I mean come on "fudgepacker"? Thats such and
      > insult and way of being "homophobic"riiiiiiiiiight... I mean maybe
      > I said "isnt shortino a fucking faggot fucker" maybe you could have
      > some ground to stand on and accuse me of being a homophobic, but
      > dont know me or anything about me at all. So quit trying to be this
      > snooty asshole. Stop trying to piss people off on this site, quit
      > starting fights. So stop bitching bitch bitch bitch cause this isnt
      > website for HEAL THE WORLD or QUEEN LATIFA its a website for
      > speedmetal, so leave your cockswindling behind. TAKE A JOKE MAN!!!
      > I mean fudgepacker?honestly?come on!, I guess i could have said
      > cause thats all I meant.
      > hey captain i hope im not giving it t you too HARD what has to be
      > said has to be said, and you my friend are a tight ass bitch.
      > ps. I love HALFORD and KINGS X and both singers are gay guys.
      > I like gay people. I dont care what people do to eachother in
      > there spare time. Neither should you.
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