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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Re: About Barrie's gig?

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    Wow Jeff, what s the url of this translator? It s maybe one of best translation I ve read in French made by one of those softwares. I understand your point of
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 20, 2003
      Wow Jeff, what's the url of this translator? It's maybe one of best translation I've read in French made by one of those softwares.
      I understand your point of view...How would I express mine?
      When a kid (3 years old) says big words.....if you warn the kid each time that he pronounces those "bad words": well, just to have your attention, he will say it each time you had visitors. He's only 3 years old and he understands that he's got attention with those words. The best thing is to do to stop to pay attention to the kid when he says those things, like you never heard it. I don't have kids, but I was a babysitter at 13 years old to 17, 5 times a week....cos I had to pay my Lps!
      We start very young to react against the "rules" or the "laws". More we'll bring laws and rules to respect, more we'll have people around us to go against them.
      You would be very unhappy to live in my province Jeff, cos it's the worst place to find dirty terms to describe almost all the margin people of our society. I know what I'm talking about, cos I'm blond.
      Stories and jokes about blonds, do you remember some? I'm not "really" blond now, but my hair were white when I was a child. I've become a teen and the hair darker. I die my hair cos I look severe when I have dark hair: I have a Greek face, very angular (It's a bad lie cos I die my hair to avoid the grey hair!!!). I heard the worst stories about "me" just cos I was blond, and if I have showed it was making me mad: I think I would heard more stories! I'm margin in many ways, and believe me the jokes hurt sometimes.....but I don't mind. I know who I am, and words are just words. If someone want to attack me, to beat me or whatever because I'm different.....I'm ready to fight !!!
      You defend the gays and it's okay. But, keep in mind that one of these days.....maybe one of them could give you some trouble and then, your point of view will change. In all kinds of people, there's good and bad persons. And unhappily, it's always the bad persons of each kind that are the reason of those bad words that you hate, my friend....
      Live for yourself (and for music!)
      Tange ;^*
      captain2man <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:Elaine,

      J'utilise un traducteur d'internet pour ceci, donc me pardonner si
      c'est dur � comprendre.

      "Fudgepacker" n'est pas un terme d'argot anglais pour une personne
      gaie. C'est un terme utilis� par les gens qui sont insensative vers
      les sentiments de gens gais. C'est un terme d�rogatoire que je ne
      tol�re pas.

      Ceci est pourquoi je le feutre c'�tait n�cessaire pour moi dire
      quelque chose contre ces genres de termes dans le "Academy of Anvil".
      Ne ce pas est quelque chose que je tol�rerai des utilisateurs de ce

      - jeff

      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, �laine <tangelaine2000@y...>
      <tangelaine2000@y...> wrote:

      > No joke: if English people in their slang call "Fudg....er" a male
      > gay, french Canadian are not brighter calling lesbians "mangeuses
      > crevettes".
      > Tange :)

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