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  • captain2man
    Wow.....I agree with everything you wrote. I think you might have misunderstood the reason for my post, however. Homophobia is a horrible thing....it is
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 17, 2003
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      Wow.....I agree with everything you wrote. I think you might have
      misunderstood the reason for my post, however.

      Homophobia is a horrible thing....it is ignorance in its worst form -
      as are phobias of other races, of other sexes, etc., etc.....

      In any case - what I was responding to was xcygnusxyyzx's use of the
      word "Fudgepacker" to describe Paul Shortino.

      I think this may have gotten lost in the translation for
      you....but "fudgepacker" is one (of many) derogatory terms that
      homophobes use to describe homosexual people.

      If someone came in this forum and started describing women
      as "bitches" or black people as "niggers" or Jews as "kikes"...or
      whatever - I would have said the same thing.

      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "@ T @" <tangelaine2000@y...>
      > Captain...homophobia is a big word. Sometimes it's a kind of
      shyness or of curiosity. "Is he? Is she?" Human kind is curious, and
      you certainly know that the half of this planet has been created to
      laff at the other ... My hairdresser is gay, my Uncle is gay, my
      favorite neighbours are gays... Homophobia is not the worst thing.
      It's the men that pretend to hate gays, and gets so excited watching
      lesbians XXX movies.
      > What I don't like with men who are gays, are their ways: little
      ways that I don't even have and I'm a woman. Fingers movings all the
      time in their gestures, the way they walk sometimes is so
      exagerated....Halford is maybe gay, but who could tell? The fact to
      prefer to have an orgasm with a man instead a woman, is not supposed
      to bring someone to change is whole attitude. Sex is a private thing.
      They become boring when they start to live in a village...instead
      staying (like my neighbours) with hetero people around. In a village,
      they increase their gestures and all, because they put the priority
      on the fact that they are "gays" (Gay's pride), not on the fact that
      they are human being sexually different.
      > Anyway, our history has been marked by philosophers... Greek
      philosophers. In a certain period, everybody was gay or bi in Greece,
      and the philophers weren't different from the rest of their society.
      It was normal...Platon, Socrate, Heroclite, Aristote....they were
      ALL! Only Aristote's theories has been taken by the Catholic Church,
      because he was the only one to believe in a "God". Platon had his
      Academy, lol......
      > I don't know for NY City, but here some men discriminate gays,
      because they became Priests in the past and touched the kids. That's
      the main reason, I think. It happened in Newfoundland also...in
      Boston recently. Maybe people still have problems to make the
      difference between gays and paedophiles.
      > Don't get mad......
      > Tange :)
      > captain2man <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:Bleeker Bob's
      sucks....I didn't even know it still existed. Most
      > over-priced record store in the city....not a bad selection
      > been there in years, though)...but the guy priced things WAY to
      > By the way - you get no award:
      > 1) I was aware that was Paul Shortino from the first time I saw the
      > movie which was well over 10 years ago.
      > 2) Keep the homophobia off of the board....you suck for that and
      > permananetly forbidden from any awards on this board because of it.
      > --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "xcygnusxyyzx
      > <xcygnusxyyzx@y...>" <xcygnusxyyzx@y...> wrote:
      > > I got my anvil record at Bleeker Bobs in the bowery. lower east
      > > Maybe Bob robbed anvil.
      > > Hey I watched THIS IS SPINAL TAP last night and I noticed that in
      > the
      > > scene when they are in the hotel lobby and screeming girls start
      > > running towards them but not them a guy and two managers. Well I
      > > noticed that the guy who the girls run to is actually that
      > > fudgepacker from ROUGH CUTT, since I picked up on that do I get
      > some
      > > award for being the youngest metal head to be that pathetic as to
      > knw
      > > what the singer of rough cutt looks like?
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