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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Re: Metal on Metal Tour Album

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    Can you imagine the future, when the cars will run on the wall and in the air? When a computer will tell you Welcome when you ll get back home, when we ll
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 14, 2003
      Can you imagine the future, when the cars will run on the wall and in the air? When a computer will tell you "Welcome" when you'll get back home, when we'll have our clones to do the things we hate... Then at night after the supper (2 cookies, who saw the movie?), a virtual radio in 3D will appear and a dj will begin to talk about the next tunes.
      "Tonight, we have for you great music from the second Millennium...and from the end of the FIRST!! Yeah! Classical music all night, just for you. We'll begin with a band that started in 1980, Ladies and Gentlemen! A band that has never had luck in the music industry at the time, but a band that was completely margin. ANVIL! Just for you who are listening! This music after 125 years, can't be considered like the other ordinary ones we heard in this period or our ancient history. We remember that 50 years after the first nuclear attack, archeologists discovered a ton of "Black disk", "Metal disk", shirts, magazines, videotapes.....in a cellar in Thunday Bay ( in the Z34 area, called Ontario before the catastroph) ! They succeeded to find the code and to build a machine and heard some sound! They listen to the famous song "Race against time" and made a press conference to present the great discovery! Well, I don't make you wait anymore and start the evening with a song remind us the time that men weren't all sterile: Backwaxed!. It will be followed, by "Defiant", "March of the crabs" (crabs have disapeared since 75 years, but in before te second millennium we're sure they existed), "Mad Dog" (Where we can hear a REAL DOG, cos dogs are pets of the past...), "Paper General" (in rememberance of the General who ordered the attack) and many others! As we had many very bad reaction to "Shadow Zone", the authorities don't authorize this song in our nation and we can't play it. Here we go for our weekly Classical Music, only for those who knows the best virtual radio on Earth, Radio K.A.O.S.!!! ...sitting in my time machine......"
      I guess, I hope collections are made with this goal. :)
      Tange :)
      thehelion <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:Hey Lips. I think that was about 25 copies. I got them from a guy in
      Hamilto who bought them at an auction. Amazing to think that
      something with a limited print run like this can still show up almost
      20 years later and still sealed.--- In
      academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, anvilips2000 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > As usual there is is stupid story to tell!!! These albums were
      > pressed to give out at gigs in the US. Well when we got to the
      > gig in Brooklyn our road crew at the time also unloaded the 1500
      > albums in boxes into the club. The albums were supposed to be
      > included in the ticket price to get in. The usual cost was slightly
      > higher for this show to get in but it was only 5 bucks more to get
      > the album. Anyway at the end of the night when we went to square up
      > with the door person they said they didn't collect the extra 5
      > and all the albums are gone. We never did find out what really
      > happened until about 2 years ago when Jeff Rothney showed up with
      > about 10 copies, he said he bought them from some guy on the net.
      > assuming this, I think these albums were stollen that night in
      > Brooklyn because not that many people at the club ended up with one
      > and why are unopenned copies being sold on the net 10 years later?
      > Attic was furious at the time, but in hind sight what comes around
      > goes around.

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