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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Re: A MMMbio?

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    That s great! Lips is really working on that.....why does he let us ignorant about it! It would be our 2003 surprise...I don t really care Robb didn t make the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 11, 2003
      That's great! Lips is really working on that.....why does he let us ignorant about it! It would be our 2003 surprise...I don't really care Robb didn't make the top ten. All I ask to the Canadian press, the Canadian media is that they recognize Anvil's work, that we have here in this country great musicians and that they stop to present us Shakira or Ricky Martin.
      This documentary (I'm a bit glad to tell you): you don't catch it in Ontario. :) It was on Canal D, I can tape it if it is presented again.
      I can believe it........an Anvil bio, a dvd maybe with that?
      Tange :)
      tgalloca <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:> Is it serious Tony, I've read that on your page!
      > please, tape the bio if it happens.

      Of course I will. Lips says they are compiling video footage. I hope
      to see it happen but I personally don't think it is too likely. I'm
      not sure if MMM will think Anvil is commercially viable enough to
      warrant a bio. It would be so cool so!!!

      Speaking of MMM...I am watching the Power Hour now. I don't think Robb
      made the top 10. We are at #6 right now...so maybe.

      > Is it cold in Thunder Bay, here it's - 27 C with the wind (damn!). I
      > watched a documentary about Thunder Bay, last week. LOL...Is that
      > true that there's a lot of Finnish around your place? They said in
      > that documentary that they all have a sauna....OUTSIDE!!! I saw
      > people going in those saunas in the middle of the winter, whhhaaaa!
      > Strange people...It must be good for health :)

      It is -15C right now.
      There are alot of Finns and Italians. I understand that some Finns
      like to sauna then jump in a snowbank or lake in the winter. I have
      never seen it happen though.

      What channel was this documentary on? I'd like to have seen it.


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