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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Re: manowar and GODS?

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    What are you doing guys with your Gods? I can t write a playlist of all my favorite bands....cos I don t know if tomorrow they will have the God s status to
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 14, 2002
      "What are you doing guys with your Gods? I can't write a playlist of all my favorite bands....cos I don't know if tomorrow they will have the "God's status" to me." That's what I wrote.
      Judas Priest had a tune called "Metal Gods" and I posted a message telling that they were....to played with the words.
      My main point in this message, was to invite LIPS to explain how he feels when he plays on stage. What are the difference between LIPS and Steve Kudlow... What are the things that change in him. Is it the attitude of a band that make them look so "high" that make us feel listening to "Gods". And any musicians in this Academy can answer, cos it interests me a lot.
      You almost all know that I post here to practice my English and to keep this board active cos Anvil is my favorite band. I'm too old now to try to justify always what I write. Honestly, sometimes I don't understand my own messages. YES, I like one Manowar album (Hail to England), and YES I think Eric Adams had the most wonderful Metal voice in the 80's. If someone is not agree, he got the right to write to the board.
      But.....to always read my name (tahge...hey tange....ha? tange...) as a reference in a message, it makes me feel like a target. Did I came back to reply to Dan, asking him to prove that Manowar's guys were Dio's roadies? Do I ask to everyone to justify themself. What I don't do to the others well, I don't like that they do it to me. Goodnite.
      tgalloca <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:I don't think he was trying to find fault with you. He was just
      explaining us metalheads often refer to bands and band members as "gods".

      We realize that they are just humans like us....but when I'm listening
      to Anvil or Slayer all that matters is what they are playing. The rest
      of the world is gone...it's just the music they are creating. At that
      point in time they are "gods" of the small audio world we are in.


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      > You got time to waste searching to take me always in fault.

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