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    Dan, I use anvil@anvilmetalonmetal.com address, because I m sure it s redirected to Lips email address. But during Christmas time, I doubt that he would find
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      Dan, I use anvil@... address, because I'm sure it's redirected to Lips email address. But during Christmas time, I doubt that he would find the time to answer. Try anyway.

      What are you doing guys with your Gods? I can't write a playlist of all my favorite band....cos I don't know if tomorrow they will have the "God's status" to me. Gods are in the mythology, please don't put Anvil with them!

      A band is formed by human beings, normally 4 or 5. They all got a different way to act, a different characters and a different way to be. How can we call a band a "God", explain it well to me. In all the bands I like, Anvil is the only one that I approached...and they are very "human". I mean, they talk, they laugh, they tell stories, they like to remember funny things...just like us. I think the best example is "The Osbourne", that sometimes showed a natural Ozzy, a very normal father. I don't talk here of the weird side of his family, but if you look at Ozzy "The God", he's the most normal guy in this house! (Prozac helps).

      We have this feeling of "Seeing Gods", because they are good musicians, because when we see them playing live, the spotlights are so amazing, the crowd is crazy and it's like we are out of the reality. But the men that are playing on stage, adjusting light, adjusting lights are all like you and me (some are worst!). They are trained for years to do what we call a "show". I talked with Lips before The Powerpack, and he's the most funny and natural guy to have a conversation with. But later, when he got down on the floor during the show to make a guitar solo, I thought I was seeing a "God" that was making some magic. The same for all the guys on stage, they were not like in backstage "relaxing". I heard Robb with the White Rhino and I had the same thought.

      I would like that once, LIPS would explain what it does to be on stage, what are the changes that happen in him. What does it make to scream at the microphone and to feel the power that you communicate to a crowd? I guess that's what it makes a band looking like "Gods".

      I have favorite tunes that you'll laugh about...I download Barbra Steisand "Eyes of Laura Mars" version. Also, Nina Hagen's "New York, New York". Robert Fripp "You burn me up I'm a cigarette". I got no Gods�I love sound and music; creativity too!

      The fact to see some bands live make of them celebrities, stars.....but they are just people like us. The ones that want to play the Gods have normally finished with an overdose � or alcoholic. Metallica at a certain period were considered as GODS, and look at them now�..Iron Maiden : the same. Gods are supposed to be immortal, the mythologies says so.

      In the past, far far in the past (thousands years ago)��near " Lima Peru " (Cancun in fact) arrived a guy with lights, sounds and a knowledge that the Mayas ignored. They called him a GOD. Now, a scientific rumor says that this GOD was an astronaut, who used to run in a rocket. The Mayas kept image (before they got all killed by the Spanish warriors) on a stone in a place called Palenque. Check in files, the artwork is ancient, but it�s a fact that the guy got the same posture that in our 70�s Apollo. At the bottom, the ancient artist wanted to express the fire that goes out from the rocket�s pipes. All the features around, represents maybe (I suppose) all the equipment that was in this rocket. It was unknown, so he was a GOD.

      The same thing happens to us when we see an amazing, good, kick ass show�.We see some GODS!�because it�s an unknown art for us, because we can�t play as well as they do. We are in 2002..2003 soon, not thousand years ago. Let the Gods sleep��Don�t forget that our "Santa Claus" is from an old Coca-Cola�s add. Congratulations to the ones who will read this entire message!!!

      Tange ;-)

      P.S. Catdeli, I can�t believe you�re so proud with your age. You should be happy to look younger�I�ll be forty and I do "forty"..



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