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We want your x-mass cash !!

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    We want your x-mass cash !!I. BARBARIAN WRATH and WITCHES BREW Releases and NewsWITCHES BREW has 2 new releases with HATEWORK Madbent For Disaster CD
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      We want your x-mass cash !!

      I. BARBARIAN WRATH and WITCHES BREW Releases and News

      WITCHES BREW has 2 new releases with
      HATEWORK "Madbent For Disaster" CD
      THE CHASM "Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire" CD
      Details on both can be found at

      WITCHES BREW also signed a new band with VEXED from
      Italy. Mp3s of VEXED and all other WB bands can be
      found at http://www.witches-brew.org/mp3.html. If you
      have not been there in a while we strongly suggest you
      make the trip as we fleshed out the mp3 section
      considerably. You´ll be surprised !

      BARBARIAN WRATH released
      SITHLORD "The Return To Godless Times" CD
      and re-released
      GRAND BELIAL´S KEY „"Castrate The Redeemer" CD
      just in time for the european Tour of GBK in December
      2002 CE.

      We don´t have any new signings at BARBARIAN WRATH right
      now but we recently put up new mp3s as well so you
      might want to check back there at
      Clicking on the album covers get´s you to the bands mp3
      pages. Most recently TEARSTAINED, GRAVEWÜRM and DEATH
      BEAST were updated.

      All BARBARIAN WRATH and WITCHES BREW (HQ and Outposts)
      matters can and should be discussed on our new
      messageboard that is located at:
      http://www.nazgulseyrieprod.org/phpBB2. The poor thing
      is sometimes a bit slow and requires more then one
      refresh because the provider who runs the server is
      accepting new customers faster then said servers can
      handle. We hope this situation can be worked out soon.
      Nevertheless, keep trying !


      As most of you know by now we successfully founded
      another outpost in Sydndey which from now on will
      spread all BARBARIAN WRATH and WB releases domestically
      in Australia, Ozeania and East Asia. You can contact
      BARBARIAN WRATH Terra Australis at

      BARBARIAN WRATH Vinland continues to develop nicely and
      we might found other Outposts in the future. BARBARIAN
      WRATH Vinland can be reached at

      III. MetalGospel.com

      Every now and then someone still clicks on THE
      EXECUTIONER´S BLADE. Those who did in the past will
      have noticed that this corner of the BARBARIAN WRATH
      site was pretty old and dusty and as a matter of fact
      it´ll be taken down soon. However, I´m still writing
      reviews for my wife´s webzine. The direct link is

      III. The Basar


      With jewel cases: 3 CDs your choice for 45 €uro / 45 US$
      Without jewel cases: 3 CDs your choice for 40 €uro / 40

      With jewel cases: 3 CDs your choice for 40 €uro / 40 US$
      Without jewel cases: 3 CDs your choice for 35 €uro / 35

      3 CDs your choice for 35 €uro / 35 US$

      Important Notes:
      - Due to limited stocks reservation per e-mail is
      HIGHLY recommended...
      - CDs marked (S) are in stock right now.
      - CDs marked (I) are incoming. Their delivery to our
      warehouse has been confirmed but they have no
      physically arrived yet. You may preorder and reserve
      such items.

      We accept:
      - US$ and €uro cash.
      - US and CDN personal checks and Money Orders made out
      in US$. All checks and MOs MUST be made payable to "H.
      - credit card payments via PAYPAL. If you are
      interested in this option contact
      blackgoat@... for details.


      Our full catalog:

      ABIGAIL "Welcome All Hell Fuckers" CD (S)
      Japanese old school Black Thrash.
      ACHERON "Compendium Diableri" CD (S)
      Demo collection on FMP. Basically it´s a rerelease of
      Rites Of The Black Mass without all the intros.
      ACHERON "Anti-god, Anti-christ" CD (S)
      First time they incorporate keyboards here, sounds
      quite a bit like old NOCTURNUS actually which isn´t
      surprising when two members of the first NOCTURNUS
      lineup (= Vincent Crowley & Mike Browning) are playing
      ACHERON "Those Who Have Risen" CD (S)
      Their latest CD thus far. The band just reunited for
      new crimes against xtianity.
      AGATUS "The Weaving Fate" CD (S)
      Finally a 2nd CD from this Greek band. Imagine the
      album ROTTING CHRIST should have recorded after "Thy
      Mighty Contract" and you get a rough idea of this CD.
      AGMEN "Damnation" CD (S)
      Ex MANIAC BUTCHER member with his new band.
      AKERBELTZ "Akerhell" CD (S)
      Spanish DARKTHRONE worship.
      ALASTIS "The Other Side" CD (S)
      Swiss band from the same little town SAMAEL came from.
      They switched members back and forth a couple of times
      and you can hear that very well. They sound like SAMAEL
      would sound if they had not gone ambient techno.
      ALASTIS "Revenge" CD (S)
      4th album.
      ALASTIS "Unity" CD (S)
      5th and latest album.
      ALASTOR "Gates of Darkness" CD (S)
      First ALASTOR album, actually a splitCD also featuring
      30 minutes of otherwise unreleased DECAYED material.

      WRATH666-oo4: ALASTOR "Crushing Christendom" CD (S)
      The Lusitanian beerbastards return to teach you all the
      true meaning of "SAGRES"....! Everyone into real Thrash
      Metal will cream his pants at this massacre of
      old-school Black Thrash akin to forgotten legends as
      WHIPLASH, ONSLAUGHT, BULLDOZER... Released November
      2000 CE.

      WRATH666-o14: ALASTOR "Hellward" CD (S)
      The first BM CD with fully portugese lyrics and a cover
      by the mighty IRON ANGEL. Released December 2001 CE.

      ALCHEMIST "Organasm" CD (S)
      Australian band that pushes the boundaries... By no
      means traditional but really cool.
      GNOSTIC SplitCD (S)
      4 Way Split CD released by Dark Horizon.
      AMON GOETH "The Worship" CD (S)
      2nd CD of Czech Black Death... On NEP.
      AMON (GOETH) "In The Shade Of Death" CD (S)
      New CD demo of AMON GOETH... More emphasis on old
      school Death this time.

      WRATH666-o10: AMON "Zrozeni Smrti" CD (S)
      As AMON GOETH they released 2 CDs on the infamous NEP,
      now they are back to slay once again... Czechian Black
      Death Metal as it was played 10 years ago. Released
      February 2002 CE.

      ANATOMY "Where Angels Die" CD (S)
      Australian Blackdeath... Pretty wild stuff.
      ANATOMY "The Witches Of Dathomir" CD (S)
      2nd full CD, includes POSSESSED coversong.
      ANATOMY "Twisting Depths Of Horror" CD (S)
      Early recordings that were recently unearthed. Sounds a
      lot more raw than the two albums sometimes has touches
      of old VOIVOD.
      ANCIENT RITES "The Diabolic Serenades" CD (S)
      First ANCIENT RITES album. This is the rare original
      version on After Dark Records.
      ARGHOSLENT "Incorrigible Bigottery" CD (I)
      Finally a new offering from my favourite US Death Metal
      ARMAGEDDA "The Final War Approaching" CD (S)
      Swedish "Transylvanian Hunger" Worship...
      APOCALYPTIC RAIDS "Only Death Is Real" CD (S)
      First "real" CD, sounds like it was recorded in the
      same session with the original EP. Much better than
      other HELLHAMMER clones like the first WARHAMMER CD for
      ATANATOS "Assault Of Heathen Forces" CD (S)
      German BlackThrash in the DESASTER vein.
      ATANATOS "The Oath Of Revenge" CD (S)
      2nd CD, slowly mutating from "Black" to "Thrash" here.
      ATANATOS "Devastation - The Third Attack" CD (S)
      3rd CD, even more old school...
      ATOMIZER "The End Of Forever" CD (S)
      First CD
      ATOMIZER "Death Mutation" CD (S)
      2nd CD of this Aussie horde.
      AURORA BOREALIS "Mansions Of Eternity" CD (S)
      Great first release of this US Black Thrash band.
      AURORA BOREALIS "Northern Lights" CD (S)
      3rd CD, getting even faster but somehow they remain
      Thrash still. Fans of KRISIUN and related acts might
      want to check them out.
      AURORA BOREALIS "Time, Unveiled" CD (S)
      Brand new CD. European release will only be in January
      2003 [if that label keeps their promises].
      AVENGER "Shadows Of The Damned" CD (S)
      Oldschool BlackDeath in the ancient Swedish way from
      these Czechians. This has NIHILIST / TREBLINKA printed
      all over it.
      AVENGER "Fall Of Devotion, Wrath And Blasphemy" CD (S)
      Re-recording of their 2ND album on Deathgasm Records.
      AXIS OF ADVANCE "Strike" CD (S)
      Like the album VOIVOD should´ve recorded after "Killing
      Technology" instead of becoming wimps. If you want
      technical DeathThrash that doesn´t follow the usual
      patterns of the genre this is the album you were
      praying for.
      AXIS OF ADVANCE "The List" CD (S)
      New Album on OSMOSE.

      BARBATOS "War, Speed And Power" CD (S)
      Solo project of Yasuyuki of ABIGAIL... sounds just like
      the first ABIGAIL album.
      BEHEADED LAMB "A Grave To This World" CD (S)
      Spanish oldschool BM.
      BEHERIT "The Oath of Black Blood" CD (S)
      Who doesn´t know BEHERIT should get the fuck out of BM.
      Long out of print here´s the chance to replace your
      crappy worn out tape with a CD.
      BELPHEGOR "Necrodaemon Terrorsathan" CD (S)
      Austrian extremists with their 3rd CD. If DEICIDE would
      decide to become brutal Black Metal the result would be
      very close to this...
      BESTIAL MOCKERY "Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw" CD (S)
      Swedish attack !!!! An all out onslaught of Blackend
      Thrash is what you´ll get with BESTIAL MOCKERY´s latest
      sacrificial offering, their first album on MetalBlood
      BESTIAL SUMMONING "The Dark War Continues" CD (I)
      Dutch kvlt Black Metal originally released in 1992.
      BEWITCHED "Somewhere Beyond The Mist" CD (S)
      3rd CD of these Chilian Metal Warriors. Features
      CANDLEMASS cover.
      BIFROST "Pagan Reality" CD (S)
      Dutch Pagan Metal... Sounds like a mix of SKYCLAD and
      CELTIC FROST... on NEP.
      BIFROST "The Wildest Fire" CD (S)
      2nd CD, more melodic Thrash now but still great, one of
      the pioneers of the genre.. on NEP.
      BIFROST "Mythistory" CD (S)
      3rd CD on HAMMERHEART. Incorporates Keyboards without
      being gay. Pretty damn well made.
      BILSKIRNIR "In Flames Of Putrefaction" (S)
      German band in the (old) BURZUM / (old) GRAVELAND vein.
      BLACK WITCHERY "Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom" CD (S)
      Florida Black Metal in the vein of BLASPHEMY and old
      BLASPHEMY "Live Ritual - Friday The 13th" CD (S)
      Features their reunion live show (13 Tracks) and a
      studio rehearsal with 15 Tracks.
      Two very raw Finnish (I think) bands in the vein of
      BLOODSTORM "Pestilence From The Dragonstar" CD (S)
      Blackened DeathThrash, sometimes close to ABSU, most of
      the time faster and a tad more Death Metal. 3rd CD
      already of a really cool band.
      BLOODSTORM "Ancient Wraith Of Ku" CD (S)
      4th album of one of America´s finest Black Thrash bands.

      CARPATHIAN FOREST "Through Chasms, Caves And Titan
      Woods" CD (S)
      One of the very few Norwegians I like... First effort
      and comparable to CELTIC FROST / DARKTHRONE
      ("Panzerfaust") but more epic.
      CARPATHIAN FOREST "Black Shining Leather" CD (S)
      2nd strike... No stylistic change at all. Includes a
      CURE coversong that adds strangely to the great
      CARPATHIAN FOREST "Strange Old Brew" CD (S)
      3rd CD, still pretty frosty but all the weird epic
      parts make this quite outstanding.
      CARPATHIAN FOREST "Morbid Fascination With Death" CD (S)
      This CD was recorded in the same session as "Strange
      Old Brew". 46 minutes of old school Black Metal from
      CARPATHIAN FOREST "We’re Going To Hell For This" CD (S)
      New tracks, remixes and a complete liveshow from their
      tour last year.
      CHRIST AGONY "Unholy Union / Daemonseth Act II" DCD (S)
      Polish Death Metal... Imagine MORBID ANGEL without
      CHRIST AGONY "Trilogy" CD (S)
      More Polish Death Metal.
      CIANIDE "Divide And Conquer" CD (S)
      Chicago Death Metal. Imagine MASTER after a shot of
      adrenaline and rabies...
      COUNTESS "The Return Of The Horned One" CD (S)
      2nd CD, more focused, considered as their masterpiece
      by many... on NEP.
      COUNTESS "Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam" CD (S)
      3rd CD, if you´re a newbie on COUNTESS you might want
      to start here as the rather clean sound makes this the
      one that´s easiest to access... on NEP.
      COUNTESS "The Book Of The Heretic" CD (S)
      4th full CD, another 70 minutes of orthodox
      fundamentalist Black Fucking Metal... on NEP.

      WRATH666-oo1: COUNTESS "The Shining Swords Of Hate" CD
      Legendary Dutch act with yet another merciless
      onslaught of fundamentalist orthodox Black Fucking
      Metal the way this music was meant to be played... Like
      the songs BATHORY did not DARE to record back in 1984
      CE... Released August 2000 CE.

      WRATH666-oo6: COUNTESS "The Revenge Of The Horned One
      Pt.1" CD (S)
      More perversions from Nederlands finest. The first part
      of a double album but since we are greedy bastards we
      released it seperately anyways. Released April 2001 CE.

      WRATH666-o16: COUNTESS "The Revenge Of The Horned One
      Pt.2" CD (S)
      Another arrow of orthodox Black Fucking Metal sent
      straight through the hearts and groins of all those who
      dare play Norsecore and Fag Gothic... Released March
      29th 2002 CE.

      CRAFT "Terror Propaganda" CD (S)
      Swedish Terror BM.
      CRUCIFIER "The Ninth Year" CD (S)
      The voice of GBK with a collection of solo works. Makes
      appetite for more. I wonder if that full CD is ever
      going to come out ?
      CULT OF DAATH "The Grand Torturers Of Hell" CD (S)
      4track Massacre !!
      CUTTHROAT "Rape Rape Rape" CD (S)
      Old school Thrash project featuring Mirai of SIGH and
      the guys of ABIGAIL.

      DAWNBRINGER "Sacrament" CD (S)
      Ep release of Blackend Speed Metal with acoustic
      breakdowns from the US.
      DAWNBRINGER "Unbleed" CD (S)
      10 song debut CD. Features OMEN medley !
      DAWNBRINGER "Catharsis Instinct" CD (S)
      2nd full length CD.
      DEATH "Death By Metal / Reign Of Terror" CD (S)
      The first two DEATH demos remastered and actually quite
      listenable together with some other rehearsal tracks.
      DENIAL OF GOD "Klabautermanden" CD (S)
      2nd CD, still sounds like a bastard of MAYHEM (1990)
      and RUNNING WILD (1990)...
      DECAYED "Nockthurnaal" CD (S)
      Classic portugese BM in the VENOM / BATHORY vein.
      DECAYED "Ten Years Of Steel" CD (S)
      Live album with four studio bonus tracks.
      DECEASED "13 Frightened Souls" CD (S)
      2nd CD in the tradition of ARTILLERY, RAZOR or (old)
      DECEASED "The Blueprints Of Madness" CD (S)
      A filthy piece of bloodstained steel that everyone
      should know !!
      DECEASED "Fearless Undead Machines" CD (S)
      More like VENOM and less thrashy...
      DECEASED "Supernatural Addiction" CD (S)
      Death Metal goes IRON MAIDEN. 5th cd by one of the few
      REAL Death Metal bands.
      DECEASED "Behind The Mourners Veil" CD (S)
      Latest CD... features cover tracks from ANTHRAX, DRI,
      DEFLESHED "Abrah Kadavrah" CD (S)
      Sweden old school Black/Thrash... Rerelease.
      DEKAPITATOR "We Will Destroy... You Will Obey !!!" CD
      RAZOR ripoff from California. Well played stuff !
      DEMONCY "Faustian Dawn / Within The Sylvan Realms Of
      Frost" CD (S)
      One of the few classic BM bands the USA has to offer.
      This is a 2 CD collection of early works.
      DEMONCY "Joined In Darkness" CD (S)
      First "real" album. Very good stuff. I can´t believe I
      didn´t sign these guys when I had the chance to in
      DEMONTHOR "A Night For The Demon" CD (S)
      Brazilian band that´s almost an exact cross of
      HELLHAMMER and SODOM ("Obsessed By Cruelty" Era).
      DESASTER "A Touch Of Medieval Darkness" CD (S)
      Germanys´ best known band; Old school BlackThrash.
      DESASTER "Hellfire´s Dominion" CD (S)
      Their breakthrough CD. A metal collection without this
      is not complete.
      DESASTER "Tyrants Of The Netherworld" CD (S)
      New CD on IRON PEGASUS. The Fire still burns...!!!
      DESASTER "Divine Blasphemies" CD (I)
      Brand new CD featuring new vocalist.
      DESTROYER 666 "Violence Is The Prince Of This World" CD
      Aussie band, their classic first CD.
      DESTROYER 666 "Phoenix Rising" CD (S)
      3rd album
      DESTROYER 666 "Cold Steel For An Iron Age" CD (S)
      4th and latest offering. Still boozing and raging as
      ever. Great drinking music !
      DEVASTACION "Qué Lo Parió" CD (S)
      Brutal Death Metal from Argentina... They sound like
      MASSACRE on steroids, really cool CD.

      BREWoo6: DEVIL LEE ROT "Hellscraper / A Little Devil
      Ain´t Enough" CD (S)
      Solo band of PAGAN RITES frontman. Deeply rooted in
      occult NWOBHM sounds like WITCHFYNDE, CLOVEN HOOF or
      ANGEL WITCH, they deliver their own raw form of
      Blackend Heavy Metal. Released August 2002 CE on

      DOOMSTONE "Satanavoid" CD (S)
      2nd CD of this sideproject of DECEASED.

      EMINENZ "The Blackest Dimension" CD (S)
      The oldest german BlackDeath band still in existance...
      Raw sound structures that are rooted in early 90s
      swedish Death Metal.
      EQUINOX "Return To Mystery" CD (S)
      Oldschool blackened Death Metal from this US band
      featuring ex ACHERON members from the "Rites Of The
      Black Mass" times.
      ETERNAL SOLSTICE "Demonic Fertilizer" CD (S)
      Dutch oldschool Death Metal... DEICIDE / MASSACRE
      EVER DARK "Armageddon´s Birth" CD (S)
      Oldschool Death Metal on FMP.
      EVIL INCARNATE "Blood Of The Saints" CD (S)
      The new band of the ex guitarplayer / vocalist of US
      Death Thrash cult act NUMSKULL. This CD contains the
      two remastered demos.
      EVIL INCARNATE "Blackest Hymns Of God´s Disgrace" CD (S)
      First full length album of all new material.
      EXODUS "Bonded By Baloff" CD (S)
      Rare EXODUS live tracks that found their way through
      dark channels from Chile.

      FALKENBACH "...En Their Medh Riki Fara..." CD (S)
      First CD of this icelandic bloke living in Germany. I
      wonder if we´ll ever get to hear a 3rd CD though...
      FALKENBACH "Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri..." CD (S)
      "Viking Metal", great drinking music in the vein of
      BATHORYs "Hammerheart" album with a touch of Black
      FOREFATHER "Legends Untold" CD (S)
      English band that follows the ways of ENSLAVED. While
      far from being a mere copy that´s the only comparison I
      can come up with.
      FOREFATHER "The Fighting Man" CD (S)
      3rd CD of English Pagan Metal band.
      FOREFATHER "Engla Tocyme" CD (S)
      Latest offering. Great Metal again.
      FOREFATHER "Deep Into Time" CD (S)
      English Pagan Metal, somewhere between PRIMORDIAL and
      old ENSLAVED. Rerelease of their first CD with extra
      FROZEN SHADOWS "Empires De Glace" CD (S)
      Quebecois seperatist Black Metal.

      GEHENNAH "Decibel Rebel" CD (S)
      Drunkard Thrash from Sweden. Perfect party and drinking
      music. People without sick humor want to stay clear of
      GHOUL "We Came For The Dead !!!" CD (S)
      Great gory Death Metal. Includes MEGADETH cover.
      GOD DETHRONED "The Christhunt" CD (S)
      Re-release of rare first album of Dutch Old School
      Death Metal band.
      GODLESS NORTH "Summon The Age Of Supremacy" CD (S)
      Canadian DARKTHRONE worship.
      GODDESS OF DESIRE "Conquerors Divine" CD (S)
      3rd album of this Dutch band. They exploit about every
      cliché of the genre and they do it fucking GOOD !
      Imagine a cross of CARNIVORE and MOTÖRHEAD with huge
      amounts of ugly black humour.
      GOETIA "Hail Satan" CD (S)
      Polish Black / Death Metal. No GRAVELAND rip off for a
      GORGON "The Spectral Voices" CD (S)
      4th CD, some weird influences are worked in here...
      Still interesting but sometimes quite a step from the
      first 3 CDs... Should this girl on keyboards be the
      GOSPEL OF THE HORNS "A Call To Arms" CD
      First full CD of these Aussie maniacs

      WRATH666-oo5: GRAND BELIAL´S KEY "Castrate The
      Redeemer" CD (S)
      The Lords of US Black Metal with their definite
      onslaught. Cleansed of all traces of faggottry this is
      the perfect soundtrack for your next nocturnal visit to
      the nunery across the street... Released July 2001 CE.
      The first print is sold out, a repress was just

      GRAND BELIAL´S KEY "Judeobeast Assassination" CD (I)
      Finally a new CD from one of America´s finest BM

      WRATH666-oo2: GRAVEWÜRM "Ancient Storms Of War" CD (S)
      From the deepest pit of Hell crawls the GRAVEWÜRM...
      Not to be confused with those Italian fag-goth
      homosexuals they pick up where HELLHAMMER and SODOM
      left after their first vinyls back in 1984 CE...
      Released August 2000 CE.

      WRATH666-o17: GRAVEWÜRM "Dark Souls Of Hell" CD (S)
      A most violent piece of oldsschool BlackDeath Metal
      that´ll have all lovers of polished crap barf from wall
      to wall. Worshippers of HELLHAMMER / SLAUGHTER / SODOM
      will put this on their altar of Metal !! Released in
      May 2002 CE.

      GRAVELAND "Thousand Swords" CD (S)
      Does GRAVELAND really need an introduction...? 2nd CD
      of the probably most well known band in Poland.
      Re-issue on NO COLOURS.
      GRAVELAND "Immortal Pride" CD (S)
      Like their big idols BATHORY, they moved away from fast
      BM songs towards a much more Epic approach.
      GRAVELAND "Following The Voice Of Blood" CD (S)
      3rd official album on NO COLOURS.
      GRAVELAND "Creed Of Iron" CD (S)
      More BATHORY "Hammerheart" worship.
      GRAVELAND "Memory And Destiny" CD (S)
      Brandnew CD on No Colours.

      HADES "Again Shall Be" CD (S)
      Norwegians who heard too much "Blood Fire Death"...
      Pretty good CD if you like midpaced BATHORY.
      HADES "Dawn Of The Dying Sun" CD (S)
      2nd CD, same syle... Comparable acts would be MORRIGAN,
      HADES "Millenium Nocturne" CD (S)
      3rd CD, still good even though it was released by
      Jewcliar Blast...
      HADEZ "Damnations From The Past" CD (S)
      Finally someone managed to put the two cult demos on
      CD. Everyone into early South American Black Death must
      have this !!!
      HADEZ "If You Die A Thousand Times" CD (S)
      Cultband from Peru. Should´ve been on CONQUISTADOR
      RECORDS. Check FACE THE BARBARIAN -> Past Crimes ->
      CONQUISTADOR RECORDS for details.
      HADEZ "Aquelarre" CD (S)
      This album was supposed to be released on Deathlike
      Silence Productions. After a limited independent
      release back in ´94 this classic of South American
      Black Death is finally available again.
      HATEFUL AGONY "Existence Is Punishment" CD (S)
      First CD of German oldschool Thrash. Now they are
      signed to WITCHES BREW and are currently recording a
      new CD.

      BREWoo2: HATEWORK "Madbent For Disaster" CD (S)
      Old school Thrash from Italy in the vein of TANKARD or
      BULLDOZER ! Prepare yourself for total destruction !

      HIGH ON FIRE "Surrounded By Thieves" CD (I)
      Great Doom Metal in the vein of SAINT VITUS / THE

      IMPENDING DOOM "Caedes Sacrilegae" CD (S)
      Cool german band. Still a bit in search of their own
      sound here.
      IMPENDING DOOM "Signum Of Hate" CD (S)
      2nd album on PERVERTED TASTE. A massive bastard of
      blackened DeathThrash. I was very impressed by this
      when it came out.
      IMPENDING DOOM "Apocalypse III" CD (I)
      Great Death Thrash of this german Band. Imagine a
      blackened version of BOLT THROWER in their best times.
      Great liveband too.
      IMPERATOR "The Time before Time" CD (S)
      Polish Death Thrash classic. Was supposed to be
      released on DEATHLIKE SILENCE back in 90. Rereleased by
      PAGAN RECORDS with huge booklet and several bonus
      IMPIETY "Skullfucking Armageddon" CD (S)
      DRAKKAR version of the 2nd CD of the Masters of
      INCANTATION "Onward To Golgotha" CD (S)
      Blackend Death Metal in the vein of IMMOLATION...
      INCANTATION "Mortal Throne Of Nazarene" CD (S)
      2nd album.
      INCANTATION "The Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic Anguish"
      CD (S)
      Features DEATH cover !
      INCANTATION "Diabolical Conquest" CD (S)
      Features Daniel from THE CHASM.
      INCANTATION "The Infernal Storm" CD (S)
      Latest album...
      INTO THE SUNLESS MERIDIAN "Into The Sunless Meridian"
      CD (S)
      Side project of Mikael of TEARSTAINED.
      INFERNAL "Whipping The Sacred Law" CD (S)
      Second album of Colombian Black Metal band. Sounds a
      bit like INQUISITION... really cool stuff !
      INQUISITION "Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan" CD
      Finally a new CD from this killer American Black Metal
      band !! Another classic to be !

      JUDAS ISCARIOT "The Cold Earth Sept Below" CD (S)
      JUDAS ISCARIOT "Distant In Solitary Night" CD (S)
      JUDAS ISCARIOT "Thy Dying Light" CD (S)
      JUDAS ISCARIOT "Heaven In Flames" CD (S)
      4th album, very MAYHEM ("De Mysteriis..." Era, not the
      GAYHEM crap) inspired.
      JUDAS ISCARIOT "Dethroned, Forgotten And Conquered" CD
      New stuff.

      KRISIUN "Conquerors Of Armageddon" CD (S)
      4th album of Brazilian DeathThrash. Imagine a Death
      Metal version of DARK ANGEL to get a picture.
      KRISIUN "Ageless Venomous" CD (S)
      5th and latest album.

      LUCIFERS HAMMER "The Mists Of Time" CD (S)
      97 release of Blackend Death Doom. Read my review on
      LUCIFERS HAMMER "Ghosts Of Fall" CD (S)
      Brand new 2nd CD after four years of silence. Great
      stuff including a CELTIC FROST cover.
      LUGUBRUM "Winterstones" CD (S)
      Belgian band. This album is very influenced by the
      first three DARKTHRONE albums.
      LUGUBRUM "Gedachte & Geheugen" CD (S)
      Very BURZUMish this one...
      LUGUBRUM "Bruyne Troon" CD (S)
      Their latest CD. Primitive as primitive can be but
      original at the same time.

      MANIAC BUTCHER "Epitaph" CD (S)
      Final album of these Czechs and actually the first one
      I really like. A shame they call it quits. Has a lot of
      80´s vibe (first MESSIAH...)
      MANTICORE "Ritual Cleansing Of The Whore" CD (S)
      MASACRE "Muerte Verdadera Muerte" CD (S)
      3rd full CD of this classic colombian band.

      WRATH666-oo3: MEGIDDO "The Devil And The Whore" CD (S)
      A legend in itself, MEGIDDO stand in proud defiance of
      anything recorded after 1985 CE... This first album
      will put an end to pointy ears faggottry in Metal once
      and for all... FAIRIES MUST BURN !!! Released December
      2000 CE.

      WRATH666-o13: MEGIDDO "The Atavism Of Evil" CD (S)
      The Masters of Black Pentagram Metal are not straying
      from their very own path into Hell... A must for
      everyone into real Black Metal. Released in July 2002
      CE !!

      MELECHESH "As Jerusalem Burns... Al´Intisar" CD (S)
      Rerelease of their first album with two extra tracks.
      METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Chainsaw" CD (S)
      Side band of the Japanese SABBAT.
      METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Chainsaw" CD (S)
      This is the US version of the album on RIP Records.
      Compared to the German version it has two extra tracks
      but also misses two found on the German version.

      WRATH666-oo9: MORRIGAN "Plague, Waste and Death" CD (S)
      Formerly known as MAYHEMIC TRUTH they return to show
      the World the true meaning of the term "Epic Black
      Metal"... No keyboards, no girlies, no gothic, no
      homosexuality, just Blood, Fire, Death.... Released May
      2001 CE.

      WRATH666-o15: MORRIGAN "Enter The Sea Of Flames" CD (S)
      With crap like the last BATHORY CD "Destroyer Of
      Worlds" this Planet needs bands like MORRIGAN...!!!!!
      Released April 2002 CE.

      MORTEM "Demon Tales" CD (S)
      Peruvian extremist Death Metal. Great CD from one of
      the oldest South American bands.
      MORTEM "The Devil Speaks In Tongues" CD (S)
      2nd CD, great stuff in the vein of 80s MORBID ANGEL /
      MORTEM "Decomposed By Possession" CD (S)
      3rd CD, another slab of Latin American Death Metal.
      MORTUARY "Blackened Images" CD (S)
      Mexican band that sounds like early KREATOR.
      MORTUARY DRAPE "Tolling 13 Knell" CD (S)
      Newest CD of one of the last survivors of 80s Black
      MURDER RAPE "Evil Shall Burn Inside Me Forever" CD (S)
      New CD, great stuff.
      MÜTIILATION "Black Millenium" CD (S)
      The Black Legions ride again !
      MYSTERIIS "About The Christian Despair" CD (S)
      Brazilians hovering on the verge of being Norsecore.
      They have their moments but purists might want to
      approach this with caution.
      MYSTERIIS "Fucking In The Name Of God" CD (S)
      2nd CD of the band. Great intro with demon / nun
      MYSTIFIER "The World Is So Good That Who Made It
      Doesn´t Live Here" CD (S)
      Brazilian cult band with their rare third album.
      MYSTIFIER "The Fourth Evil Calling From The Abyss" CD
      4th album.

      NAHUAL "Mysteries Of The Cosmic Serpent" CD (S)
      Peruvian four tracker massacre somewhere between very
      early SAMAEL and later frosty DARKTHRONE.
      NARGAROTH "Herbstleyd" CD (S)
      First album, considered a classic by many.
      NARGAROTH "Amarok" CD (S)
      A compilation of demo tracks and a godawful BURZUM
      NARGAROTH "Black Metal Ist Krieg" CD (S)
      Less epic than "Herbstleyd", more "in-your-face".
      NARGAROTH "Rasluka Part II" CD (S)
      Brandnew CD.
      NECROPHAGIA "Season Of The Dead" CD (S)
      Gore Thrash classic from 1987. A must for everyone into
      80s Death / Thrash.
      NECROMANTIA "IV: Malice" CD (S)
      Greek cult Black Metal !
      NECROMANTIA "Covering Evil" DCD (S)
      Killer BM from Hell-as !!! CD 1 has a new track and 4
      while CD 2 is a compilation with tracks from their
      OSMOSE albums which are all out of print.
      NECRO SCHIZMA "Erupted Evil" CD (S)
      Ancient Dutch BlackDeath in the vein of very early
      SAMAEL. Rerelease of their only demo from 89 along with
      a liveshow. One of the many late 80s bands of
      BlackDeath who should´ve made it but never did...
      NIFELHEIM "Devil´s Fire" CD (S)
      Swedish old school Thrash.
      NIGHT CONQUERS DAY "Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival"
      CD (S)
      USBM featuring Mikael of TEARSTAINED.
      NILE "In The Beginning" CD (S)
      Their first two recordings: "Festivals Of Atonement"
      and "Ramses Bringer Of War" on one CD.
      NILE "Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka" CD (S)
      1st CD.
      NILE "Black Seeds Of Vengeance" CD (S)
      2nd album.
      NILE "In Their Darkened Shrines" CD (S)
      3rd and newest CD of US Death Metal. Musically close to
      IMMOLATION and older MORBID ANGEL...
      NOCTUARY "For Salvation" CD (S)
      NOCTUARY "Where Fires Breed Blood" CD (S)
      New album.
      NOCTURNAL WORSHIPPER "The Return Of The Southern
      Tyrants" CD (S)
      Brazilian oldschool Black Metal.
      NOKTURNEL "Fury Unleashed" CD (S)
      American Death Thrash band. Ex-member of SAVAGE DEATH.
      Sounds like old VOIVOD on 45.
      NOCTURNUS "Nocturnus" CD (S)
      Final epitaph of this great band...
      NUNSLAUGHTER "Hell´s Unholy Fire" CD (S)
      Death Metal in the vein of SLAYER / SLAUGHTER /
      HELLHAMMER. Great band from the US.

      WRATH666-oo7: NUNSLAUGHTER "Radio Damnation" CD (S)
      The Gods of Satanic Death metal return with a "live in
      studio" recording that captures the true essence of the
      evil that is NUNSLAUGHTER. Many songs from 7"es in even
      more raw versions... A second part of "Radio Damnation"
      will be out in Autumn 2002 CE featuring entirely
      different tracks. Released April 2001 CE.

      NUNSLAUGHTER "One Night In Hell" CD (S)
      Official live album. Compares to "Radio Damnation" in
      entertainment factor. Unfortunately the sound cannot
      NUNSLAUGHTER "Devil Metal" CD (S)
      Yet another NUNSLAUGHTER live album... isn´t it about
      time they release a NEW STUDIO album ??
      NUNSLAUGHTER "Waiting To Kill Christ" CD (S)
      Studio rehearsal of almost an hour. Features several
      songs that were never on CD before.

      OPHTHALAMIA "A Journey In Darkness" CD (S)
      Great swedish Black Doom featuring It from ABRUPTUM and
      most of the members of MARDUK who show here that they
      actually can play great Metal. Too bad they don´t do it
      with their main band...
      ORDER FROM CHAOS "Stillbirth Machine / Crushed Infamy"
      CD (S)
      The first CD of legendary US band beefed up with the
      "Crushed Infamy" demo.
      ORDER FROM CHAOS "An Ending In Fire" CD (S)
      Legendary US band´s final CD.

      PAGANIZER "Deadbanger" CD (S)
      Swedes on a Malaysian label. In the vein of BEWITCHED /
      PENTACLE "The Fifth Moon" CD (S)
      Oldschool Death from Holland, comparable with CELTIC
      FROST, MASSACRE, DEATH etc... No BATHORY worship here...
      PENTACLE "...Rides The Moonstorm" CD (S)
      2nd CD, features PENTAGRAM (Chile) cover.
      PENTAGRAM "Pentagram"CD (S)
      Chilean Cult Black Thrash from 1986 / 87. Demos and
      livetracks remastered. Too bad these guys never made it.
      PILEDRIVER "Metal Inquisition / Stay Ugly" CD (S)
      Canadian band. Not for those without humor. If you
      thought GEHENNA was funny you better think again. Both
      LPs from 1985 and 1986 are here in flawless sound.
      PRIME EVIL "Evil Unearthed" CD (S)
      US Thrash band on the brink of Death that was ahead of
      their time. Recordings from the late 80s.
      PRIMORDIAL "The Burning Season" CD (S)
      30+ minute MCD to bridge the label change.
      PRIMORDIAL "Spirit The Earth Aflame" CD (S)
      Third full length album, for many, the high point of
      their career !
      PULVERIZER "Second To None" CD (S)
      Old School Death Metal from Holland.

      REPENT "Escape From Reality" CD (S)
      German Thrash band, private print. For details, please
      see our concert review at
      REVENGE "Attack, Blood, Revenge" CD (S)
      CONQUEROR follow-up project. Pretty much in the same
      vein of Warcult Supremacy.
      R.U. DEAD? "Completely Dead" CD (S)
      Many out there know the German POISON... what far less
      people know is that POISON transformed into R.U. DEAD?
      in 1989. This CD features the two mini albums and demo
      RUNEMAGICK "Requiem Of The Apocalypse" CD (S)
      Death Metal meets IRON MAIDEN.
      RUNEMAGICK "Moon Of The Chaos Eclipse" CD (S)
      Newest CD. Limited to 1000.

      SABBAT "Envenom" CD (S)
      Re-release of the first SABBAT album.
      SABBAT Evoke CD (I)
      Re-release of the second SABBAT album
      SABBAT "Satanasword" CD (S)
      Latest CD of old school BlackThrash from Japan.
      Outstanding, weird, perverted...
      SARGATANAS "The Enlightenment" CD (S)
      1st album of these Mexican Black Death monsters,
      features cover version of POSSESSED.

      WRATH666-oo8: SARGATANAS "Knights Of The Southern
      Cross" CD (S)
      Those who know "The Enlightenment" know what to expect
      from this 3rd CD of Mexico´s finest band. Brutal, raw,
      Satanic Death Metal that only a band from Latin America
      can come up with. Released September 2001 CE.

      SATANIC SLAUGHTER "Land Of The Unholy Souls" CD (S)
      You like DEATHWITCH ? Then this is for you... Thrash on
      SATANIC SLAUGHTER "Afterlife Kingdom" CD (S)
      Does this need an introduction ?
      SATHANAS "Black Earth" CD (S)
      Finally their lost album from 1995 gets released.
      Includes their classic song "Jaws Of Satan".
      SATHANAS "Armies Of Charon" CD (S)
      First CD to be released.
      SATHANAS "Thy Dark Heavens" CD (S)
      3rd CD from one of the classic bands of Black Death.
      SATHANAS "Jaws Of Satan" CD (S)
      All the early demos they recorded as SATHANAS and
      BATHYM between 88 and 91.
      SATHANAS "Cruentus Diabolos" CD (S)
      Brand new release on DRAKKAR from the Masters of US
      Death Metal.
      SCEPTER "I´m Going To Hell" CD (S)
      "I´m going to Hell" and this is the perfect soundtrack.
      Thrashy BlackDeath in the vein of faster CELTIC FROST
      tracks and offensive lyrics bashing all that is not
      metal is their game. New album in January 2003 CE !!!

      BREWoo1: SCYTHE "On My Way Home" CD (S)
      60 minutes of brilliant melodic atmosphere wrapped in
      Death Metal brutality akin to the late CORONER or
      ANACRUSIS. Released in June 2002 CE on WITCHES BREW.

      SECRETS OF THE MOON "Stronghold Of The Involiable" CD
      Rising from the ruins of MARTYRIUM SOTM are one of the
      few serious BM bands from Germany and march into
      darkness on their very own path.
      SEEDS OF HATE "Persecution Of Christian Filth" CD (S)
      German band on DRAKKAR. Somewhere near TSJUDER or
      WATAIN in sound.
      SHUB NIGGURATH "The Kinglike Celebration" CD (S)
      2nd CD, better production, no stylistic change.
      SIGH "Imaginary Sonicscape" CD (S)
      Unique Japanese Horror Avantgarde Black Metal... Does
      this really need a description dammit !!

      WRATH666-o20: SITHLORD "The Return To Godless Times" CD
      Expect a brutal slab of violent oldschool Thrash Metal
      in the vein of ONSLAUGHT, HELLWITCH or the demotapes of
      DEMOLITION HAMMER from this Aussie horde. To be
      released in October 2002 CE.

      WRATH666-oo8: STINY PLAMENU "Ve Spine Je Pravda" CD (S)
      Fucking brilliant Czech Black Metal in the totally
      ancient and unique vein. Check the mp3s and worship or
      die !!! Released September 2001 CE.

      WRATH666-o21: STINY PLAMENU "Rány Cerným Kovem" CD (S)
      New material from the masters of Czech Black Metal...!!
      Everyone who still knows who MASTER´S HAMMER or
      TORMENTOR were will cream his pants over this one !!!
      Released in October 2002 CE.

      SOULBURN "Feeding On Angels" CD (S)
      SOULBURN is the last incarnation of ASPHYX in disguise.
      Features Wannes of PENTACLE on bass / vocals.
      SUICIDAL WINDS "Winds Of Death" CD (S)
      Swedish Death Thrash band; First Album.
      SUICIDAL WINDS "Victims In Black" CD (S)
      Brandnew CD.
      SUIDAKRA "Auld Lang Syne" CD (S)
      German band, very close to old CRUACHAN.
      SUIDAKRA "Lays From Afar" CD (S)
      2nd CD, more Gothenburg than CRUACHAN this time... Fans
      of IN FLAMES should check this out.
      SUIDAKRA "The Arcanum" CD (S)
      Their first CD I can really appreciate. This time they
      manage the step from craft to art and do get my
      blessing. While the first 2 CDs are better in
      retrospect than I made them in my reviews back in 99
      this is the first CD that made me sit up and listen.
      SUMMONING "Lugburz" CD (S)
      Austrian band... They sound a bit like BURZUM when
      Kristian was still an ork. Great Tolkien lyrics and
      SUMMONING "Minas Morgul" CD (S)
      2nd CD, more (great) keyboards, very eerie atmosphere.
      SUMMONING "Dol Guldur" CD (S)
      3rd CD and nothing has changed. This band is highly
      SUMMONING "Nightshade Forest" CD (S)
      EP with 4 more tracks (over 30 minutes) from the "Dol
      Guldur" sessions... More or less the other half of a
      SUMMONING "Stronghold" CD (S)
      Their latest effort, a small step away from their
      previous work. Has girlie vox on one song but is still
      good apart from that one.
      SUMMONING "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame" CD (S)
      Much better than "Stronghold". They cut the girlie vox
      this time and are in the league of "Minas Morgul".
      SVARTAHRID "As The Sunrise Flickers" CD (S)
      Norwegian DARKTHRONE copy.

      WRATH666-o12: TEARSTAINED "There Is No Hope" CD (S)
      Finally something new from this great US act. Combining
      the ancient traditions of MERCYFUL FATE and BATHORY
      (both in their 1985 CE incarnations...) you can await
      epic, twisted old school BM. Released December 2001 CE.

      TERRORSQUAD "The Wild Stream Of Eternal Sin" CD (S)
      Totally insane Japanese Thrash. This is one of the
      bands that SHOULD be on BARBARIAN WRATH...
      THA-NORR "Wolfenzeitalter" CD (S)
      German cult Black Metal comparable to MOONBLOOD, one
      track written by JNF of ABSURD... on NEP.
      THE CHASM "Reaching The Veil Of Death" CD (S)
      Another slab of fine Death Metal done in a totally
      unique way ! Features BULLDOZER cover.

      BREWoo5: THE CHASM "Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire"
      CD (S)
      Ancient mexican Death Metal. With their 5th full length
      CD already they again seek to widen the boundaries of
      Death Metal and succeed. Listen to the mp3s and you´ll
      have to agree. Look for this masterpiece in late
      October 2002 !

      THOR´S HAMMER "Fidelity Shall Triumph" CD (S)
      Reissue of the first THOR´S HAMMER CD originally issued
      THOR´S HAMMER "The Fate Worse Than Death" CD (S)
      Brandnew CD on No Colours.
      THRONEUM "Old Death´s Lair" CD (S)
      Polish band. Imagine old RAVEN playing Death Thrash
      TRIMONIUM "Of Warriors And Heroism" CD (I)
      German band somewhere in the vein of the first DESASTER
      TROLLECH "Synové Lesu" CD (S)
      Other band of Lord Morbivod of STINY PLAMENU.
      Underground compilation from DRAKKAR... Features
      unreleased MÜTIILATION track.
      THE STONE "Slovenska Krv" CD (S)
      Serbian BM. No clue what this is about as everything is
      in cyrillic lettering but the music is pretty good.
      TSJUDER "Kill For Satan" CD (S)
      Norwegian cult BM on DRAKKAR...
      TUATHA TE DANANN "Tuatha Te Danann" CD (S)
      Brasilian Pagan Heavy Metal.

      UNGOD / BAXAXAXA "Magicus Tallis Damnatio" CD (S)
      Old stuff from the bowels of Schweinfurt recorded in
      the dawn of the german BM scene.
      UNPURE "Unpure" CD (S)
      Swedist BlackThrash. Great stuff. Potential BW band...
      UNPURE "Coldland" CD (S)
      2nd CD, a bit more "Heavy Metal"...
      UNPURE "Trinity In Black" CD (I)
      3rd CD now on Drakkar.
      URGRUND "The Graven Sign" CD (S)
      Australian BM... I had their MCD earlier and I finally
      got ahold of copies of this one.
      URN "666 Megatons" CD (S)
      Finnish Thrash band that features ex BARATHRUM members.
      USURPER "Usurper II: Skeletal Season" CD (S)
      Aaaaayyy Ohhhhhh... Does this really need an

      VARATHRON "His Majesty At The Swamp" CD (S)
      The originators of the greek BM sound return. Rerelease
      of their sought first album with bonus track on PAGAN
      RECORDS. This is where ROTTING CHRIST stole their sound
      VARATHRON "The Lament of Gods" CD (S)
      Their latest release on PAGAN RECORDS. Includes
      MERCYFUL FATE coversong...
      VERMETH "Your Ruin..." CD (S)
      The Black Legions ride again. New project of
      ex-TORGEIST members.
      VULPECULA "Fons Immortalis" MCD (S)
      Sideproject of Chuck Keller from ORDER FROM CHAOS / now

      WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS "Sing Thou Unholy Servants"
      CD (S)
      Finally back in stock. Classic USBM album from 1996.
      WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS "Black Sun Shall Rise" CD
      It´s about fucking time this album was released !
      Expect a new album on BARBARIAN WRATH soon !
      WITCHBURNER "Blasphemic Assault" CD (S)
      German band that revives the old Thrash times. Could´ve
      been recorded in 85 just as well...
      WITCHBURNER "Incarnation Of Evil" CD (S)
      3rd cd of German Old School Thrash band.
      WITCH-HUNT "Prophecies Of A Great Plague" CD (S)
      US oldschool BlackThrash...
      WITCHMASTER "Violence And Blasphemy" CD (S)
      Manic BlackThrash complete with BLASPHEMY coversong.
      Has a distinct Eastern European feeling somewhere near
      old TORMENTOR.
      WITCHMASTER "Masochistic Devil Worship" CD (S)
      2nd CD and they thrash on without mercy !
      WITCHTRAP "Sorceress Bitch" CD (S)
      Columbian Thrash band that heard a lot of old KREATOR.
      WIZZARD "Wizzard" CD (S)
      Finnish Thrash. Fast, filthy, raw. Rare first CD on NEP.
      WYRD "Heathen" CD (S)
      Finnish Heathen Metal. Out epics GRAVELAND with ease,
      55 minutes and 1 track say it all.
      WYRD "Huldrafolk" CD (S)
      2nd CD, much easier to consume with shorter tracks
      somewhere between MORRIGAN and FALKENBACH.

      ZARATHUSTRA "Dogma Antichrist" CD (S)
      Typical german oldschool BlackThrash, if you like
      DESASTER you should check.


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    • catdeli
      HAIL SATAN!!! hahahahahahaah :^D Sorry, but am I the only one who can t stand all of that extreem deathmetal crap? Wait, I bought all the Venom LP s back in
      Message 2 of 3 , Dec 11 5:32 AM
        HAIL SATAN!!! hahahahahahaah :^D
        Sorry, but am I the only one who can't stand all of that extreem
        deathmetal crap? Wait, I bought all the Venom LP's back in the day
        but they sounded so shit! It was all just a big buzzy, bassy ball of
        sound! All the tone controls on all the stereos in the universe
        couldn't make that stuff sound good. You know how each one of
        these "bands" sounds without hearing them. Well, look at the bright
        side, at least they aren't playing RAP-METAL!
        I will say one thing,,,,I loved those PILEDRIVER albums back in the
        80's! That was some funny shit and really well-played with cool
        twisted riffs. I would like to get their CD's but as for the rest, I
        am a bit too old for "Castrate The Redeemer",,,,sorry.

      • @ T @
        Hey, Blackgoat is all a member here... He wants our cash! Not very ambitious this guy. Do these bands were all kind of Death Metal? Jeezz... I can t listen to
        Message 3 of 3 , Dec 11 10:20 AM
          Hey, Blackgoat is all a member here... He wants our cash! Not very ambitious this guy. Do these bands were all kind of Death Metal? Jeezz... I can't listen to that, I tried!
          Venom was worst live than recorded :^) I went to see a show in 1984 and I've never heard the singer's voice. I think he put the microphone "OFF".....really nothing! Chronos was his name, I think? Can you imagine how it's difficult to understand English when the guy is only yelling for a non-English? It was a good thing he stayed mute. What the hell this spam is doing in the Academy... Is there some secret death metal's fans here?
          Tange :)

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