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Re : [Academy of Anvil] you guys are crazy

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  • Elaine R.
    I just meant that an album is powerful when almost the 80% of it is good, if the sound, the mixing is well done. And if you think that it s the case for SoS,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2002
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      I just meant that an album is powerful when almost the 80% of it is good, if
      the sound, the mixing is well done. And if you think that it's the case for
      SoS, it's your opinion. I agree for Paper General that was a pure jewell
      when they played it in Montreal, it sounded better than ever :) Lips had a
      voice live, incredible! That was not the case on SoS and it was recorded.
      For many reasons, SoS is not interesting for me. For me, the quality of this
      album is equal to the pic you described so well in another message.

      I am also agree, they don't promote the band enough. It's a fact...I hope
      one day they will see the difference between being commercial and being
      invisible. Both are not good, but it must be a middle at that?

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      De : academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com
      Date : Monday, November 25, 2002 08:53:10
      A : academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com
      Sujet : [Academy of Anvil] you guys are crazy

      just put on concrete jungle and give it a listen and you try and
      tell me that that song isnt "powerful"
      "i dreamed it was the end of the world"
      "paper general"
      "strength of steel"

      sure some of the songs arnt that intense but come on now, that album
      is at least a seven in my opinion.

      Also for lips:
      I think that your bands biggest problem is that most of your fans
      dont know your still a band. You have no promotion at all in
      massachusetts. if you teamed up with someone old geezers like you
      guys.Promoted your new albums in "bwbk" or "terrorizer" and called it
      the return of the "Power Metal Gods" and did a huge canadian/us tour.
      Then teamed up with somoene like OVERKILL who are getting a lot
      of attention around hear nowadays. even HALFORD, i dont know how
      you could open up for them but you could try to at least, people
      would gonuts. If everything worked out from there then do a big old
      DVD.I think you need a promoter or a better one. Oh yeah play a metal
      fest or two in massachusettts or asbury park, and then people would
      see robbs crazy talents and your "crazy" presence on stage, so ive
      heard. and youd be in. by the way i talked to a guy who said he went
      to see you guys in massachusetts and the promoter of the show didnt
      show up. is that true.

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