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    It s just great to have Anvil on a DVD. I can t pretend Mad dog is my favorite song of all...I would lie. But, if you say it s a good box, it s time to make my
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 20, 2002
      It's just great to have Anvil on a DVD. I can't pretend Mad dog is my
      favorite song of all...I would lie. But, if you say it's a good box, it's
      time to make my Christmas gift's list...I must say that when I heard "Blood
      on the ice" live, I found the song 10 times better. It is a truth with Anvil
      ..whatever the songs they play on stage, it's always excellent, #1.

      P.S. LIPS, if Anvil would come in Quebec City to play....don't you ever say
      that you're hockey team is the Montreal's Canadians! Tell Maple Leafs or
      Blacks Hawks, but please don't mention Montreal Canadians. When we had the
      Nordiques (now Colarado's Avalanche), it was a real WAR between Montreal
      and Quebec, because of hockey and there's still a lot of people that hate
      Canadians (no kidding).....LOL...Be careful....

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      Date : Wednesday, November 20, 2002 15:18:33
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      I got the Metal blade box set over the weekend. Overall it is a good
      package. As we all know the two anvil tracks included are Blood on
      the ice & a live Mothra. The Maddog video always cracks me up and is
      included here on the DVD. Also in the photo gallery portion Anvil
      leads the montage of logos and album (cd) covers, since they proceed

      I have better than 90% of the contents of this box, but I do enjoy
      most of the bands and songs included here. The inclusion of ANVIL,
      however limited, is also pretty cool.

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