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Powerpack – The Anvil is going STRONG

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    Powerpack ����� The Anvil is going STRONG I entered at The Medley at 9:30, no big crowd and I m not surprised. St-Denis Street is a Jet Set place, where we
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 9, 2002
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      Powerpack – The Anvil is going STRONG
      I entered at The Medley at 9:30, no big crowd and I'm not surprised.
      St-Denis Street is a "Jet Set" place, where we can find a lot of "dancing
      fools" (Gays too!). The Medley is a BIG bar, two stairs and a lot of place
      in front of the stage. The stage got just a right size, and I found its
      height just perfect. Looking around in the dark just before Hanker’s guys
      began their gig, who was in the crowd talking to one and another??….and he
      talks!!! LIPS! I couldn’t believe my eyes, because in the 80’s he used to
      stay backstage before a show and he was a kind of shy…..Maybe he was more
      nervous at this period. But now, believe me he’s relaxed and likes to
      evaluate" the crowd. He didn’t recognize me, so I had to take his arm and
      yelled "Hey Lips, it’s me Élaine!" Then, we hugged friendly and he started
      to talk so fast, that I didn’t understand a word he said…Writing in English
      is a thing but speaking is something else. "We don’t stay here, follow me!"
      he said! Here we are backstage, AH! Sativa was backstage too... He was happy
      and I went to see Rob (no talking…but we exchanged some few words LOL). He
      has always been like that, Mister Reiner didn’t change. Younger, I was
      afraid of him because he never talked and looked at me with his sad eyes!
      Last night I just realized that he was a drummer, and what a drummer!
      Drummers communicates a lot of their thoughts, feelings and emotions to
      their drums. They are passionate persons, but keep a lot inside. LIPS was
      keeping on talking, it was so funny to hear him after 16 years. He’s got a
      lot to say and asked me "Do you remember this…" "Do you remember that……".
      LIPS got some ways He changed and he’s a very happy person now, it shows in
      his face! Younger, he kept things inside, and now it’s the opposite. I had
      the honor to meet G5 and Ivan. Ivan was taking a nap (trying to….) cos he
      drove many hours. He’s got a "baby face" but on stage, he’s the one that
      looks "tough" and he’s an excellent guitarist. G5 really looks like Genghis
      Khan and PLAY BASS (yessss!)…Let’s see how ANVIL looks like on stage and if
      the sound is good after 16 years out of my territory.
      Hanker finished a bit late and I am in front of the stage, but far enough to
      hear the vocals. I didn’t notice how many people in there…..some were going
      and others arrived. Rob testes his drums, Lips his guitar…He played a part
      of "Blackout" to test his guitar. Fans are in front the stage and some
      decided to stay on their asses at the bar….100 or 150 or 200 (I really can’t
      evaluate a crowd). Then here it goes!
      They started with "March of the crabs", "Jackhammer"…The bar got empty and
      everybody were on the floor or in front the stage banging their head or
      playing imaginary guitar".. Incredible…Let’s forget about the Anvil of the
      80’s !! The band I saw is not the same! Reiner, Lips…..are just magnificent
      by their way to play. I couldn’t breath, I was like in another space (in my
      time machine). Ivan and G5 makes the difference, and I knew it before to see
      the show. Loud, precise, synchronism, and…SOUND! What a sound, doods!! Lips
      is in shape like I’ve never seen him before…he was 30 years old and wasn’t
      stepping like that.
      I understood last night the importance of a good "chemistry" between the
      members of a band. I’m sure that LIPS feels better with Ivan beside him,
      than Allison. It shows! G5 plays his bass guitar a way very "powerful" and
      all that together, it gives the best Anvil show I’ve never seen. Young
      people that didn’t know Anvil, stayed after Rob’s "White Rhino" and finished
      to bang their head! A little wooden stairs was in front of the stage and
      LIPS came doing the crazy guy to make some guitar solos. He talks between
      the songs…and he talks!! He didn’t insist about www.anvilmetal.tk to get the
      new CD. LIPS: when you talk to French people, don’t talk so fast please. WE
      DON’T UNDERSTAND. Great great great show, it was expensive the hotel, the
      bus and all…..but SEE ANVIL ANDLIVE AND DIE (It’s an expression, I don’t
      feel like dying!). I don’t have the playlist. I remember the songs but not
      in order. Forgive me if I forgot some, I was under a emotive shock. Where
      was "Plenty of Power"?? It’s has been years since Anvil came in the province
      of Québec, and I understood why they played a lot of songs from the first
      March of the crabs
      Smoking green
      Free as the wind
      Paper general
      Race against time
      Forged in Fire
      White Rhino
      School love (for the old fans LOL)
      Blood on the ice
      Metal on Metal
      Mothra!!! Yessssss……..indeed! (It was hell on the floor people (I’m
      included) were getting insane!)
      Before the second encore I went near the stage showing my eyes like "Play me
      my song!"… and they did. Great band! He came on the floor at the end of all
      and I had another hug for me, yep! My brother LIPS is a good guy. ANVIL is
      a band completely different from the others. And if you know that Anvil
      –plays in your town, you’ll have the chance to see THE LAST REAL METAL BAND.

      Tange (…in a small town out of the destiny…)

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