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Re: The French review

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  • the_fangface
    Hello Tange, it seems you re refering to my review ;) Well yes I don t see the point of having a drum solo on an album, but that s only MY opinion you know...
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 7, 2002
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      Hello Tange, it seems you're refering to my review ;)

      Well yes I don't see the point of having a drum solo on an album, but
      that's only MY opinion you know...
      No doubt about the fact that Robb is a great drummer, it's just I
      don't like this kind of stuff on a studio album, and even live most
      of the time.
      It recalls me that last week Mike Terrana did a 20 (!!) minutes drum
      solo, live with Rage...oooch! ;)
      Anyway I really enjoy Still Going Strong, and I "broadcast" (what's
      the right english word?) some songs of it on my local metal radio

      And I've never said that only Anvil fans will like it, but sometimes
      you are very disapointed by your favorite bands, don't you? ;) (For
      example the last Scanner album for me...)
      Ok I maybe meant "mainly Anvil fans"...why? Because I know so few
      metalheads here who like Anvil, sorry to tell you that...nearly each
      time I try to make them discover it's like "duh, it's boring, sorry I
      don't like it..."
      No offense in my words, but Anvil is too "old school" for most french
      Metal fans I think...damn them! :)

      By the way very few french websites talk about Anvil, so I hope some
      Metal fans visiting mine will wonder about the band and try to have a
      listen... ;)


      --- In academyofanvil@y..., "√Člaine R." <prot@m...> wrote:
      > I went on Tony's page for the reviews and I saw one from France.
      It's a good
      > review (7.5), except the guy found the White Rhino "without
      interest". I
      > guess it's because he never had the chance to see and hear Robb
      making a
      > drum solo! I think that Anvil have to go in France...to update the
      > Most of the reviewers finished their reviews with "Anvil's fan are
      going to
      > love..". Isn't it stupid to write this? These guys described the
      album like
      > an excellent or a good album and only Anvil's fans are going to
      love it..
      > wow!
      > √Člaine
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