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  • ´┐Żlaine
    http://www.revelationz.net/index.asp?ID=302 Anvil is back with Still Going Strong and they sound like they did when they first started playing metal. That is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2002

      Anvil is back with "Still Going Strong" and they sound like they did when
      they first started playing metal. That is also one of the reasons I like
      this album, it sounds like Anvil. If you know the band you know the style.
      The second track "In Hell" has what I think sounds like King Diamond vocals.

      The sound on this album is a bit harder and a bit darker then they have been
      before. That is a plus and they have succeeded in taking a new direction
      without compromising the trademarks of the band. Anvil sound to me like they
      are ready to conquer the metal world.

      At times this album sounds a little like the Metallica guitars did on "The
      Black album". The guitars on this album are great and sound excellent. The
      killer tracks "Holy Wood" and "Race Against Time" have a guitar sound
      similar to Metallica.

      The Title track "Still Going Strong" is a kind of tribute to the band itself
      It has that typical Lips (vocal/guitar) vocal sound and the Rob Reiner
      (drums) sound. The album is also filled with all the solos that Anvil albums
      are used to having.

      On this album Anvil show us how to play heavy metal. This is the 12th album
      with Lips on vocals and Rob Reiner on drums. The listener is showed that a
      band with 23 years behind them still know how to play metal with some
      renewal without changing style.

      This is a little treat for all you Anvil fans. This album will be released
      as a 500-copy special edition vinyl. It will be numbered so if you are a
      vinyl freak don't let this pass you by.

      The rating... Well I like the album very much. It has a great production and
      is the kind of album any metal fan should give a listen. I think it is a
      darker and harder sound that is presented on this album. But it is not like
      you can't hear it is Anvil anymore. I rate it 8/10. Great album.

      Rating: 8/10

      Lars - 9/11/2002

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