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Re: [Academy of Anvil] BEEHLER

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    Wipy are you serious? You see Still going Strong in the music store! I ain t see any...I asked for a couple times at HMV and Music Word. Those big stores
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 26, 2002
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      Wipy are you serious? You see Still going Strong in the music store! I ain't see any...I asked for a "couple" times at HMV and Music Word. Those big stores sucks cos they never offer to order the CD for you..Archambeault is great for that, whatever you want they find it and order it for you. I would prefer to see Still going Strong in the stores...
      See ya!
      wipy1999 wrote:Hi Ya All I am Back here in Chicago USSA For awhile I found out Dan
      Beehler Has A Band Called Beehler With Allan Johnson,Sean Brophy and
      this other dude. John Ricci said he heard one of the songs is called
      Used Bitch But it is not on their demo they just did. Dan Beehler
      said this is the heaviest stuff they ever did and Allan Johnson said
      it is More Exciter then Riccis Exciter but I heard the new demo is
      very modern and heavier and not retro Trendy. Shit Man I want to
      support Beehler but Ricci is great too. Riccis New Exciter is great
      When Jacque was in the band yeh great voice but way too many high
      pitched screams that turned me off But Killer Fucking music. Ricci
      has a new vocalist Now A dude in his 40,s from Ottawa. Sorry Tange I
      posted this on Anvil I do not want to disrespect The Exciter Yahoo
      club or Exciter by promiting Beehler. Shit I am all confused on this.
      Tange,Lips,Capitan or someone help me out on this dilema. Well Allan
      Johnsons e mail is exciter7@... Sean Brophy the new guy in
      the band Guitarist Dude his e mail is sean.brophy@... Snail
      Mail to Beehler 1332 Thames st. Ottawa Ontario Canada KLZ 7n4 .....
      Shit I think that was KLZ Unless it is K17 Well either way it should
      make it to Dans place. On Anvil news shit I see the new cd in a lot
      of places In Chicago. I am back to Lima October 5th. Oh yeh BEEHLER
      has redone Violence and Force,,,,, Later>>> WIPY.....

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