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another SGS review

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  • captain2man
    I found this one on Metalcrypt.com: ______________________________________________________________________ Anvil s latest is appropriately titled, the band
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2002
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      I found this one on Metalcrypt.com:

      Anvil's latest is appropriately titled, the band coming close to 25
      years of existence (21 as "Anvil") and still producing solid metal
      records. I think this album is even better than last year "Plenty of
      Power", which was already very good. "Still Going Strong" is a bit
      heavier and faster, but overall follows the same path as its
      predecessor - no frills heavy metal, no sugar added. Lips'
      distinctive vocals and guitar playing still make the songs
      unmistakably Anvil, pretty much a trademark sound at this point in
      time! :) OK, enough stalling. While all the songs are good, some of
      them stand out above the rest, such as the opener "Race Against Time"
      which kicks off the album in an heavy and aggressive fashion. Very
      catchy song with some fast solos, and probably my favourite on the
      album. "Holy Wood" is interesting by its lyrical content - I was
      expecting something else because of the title. :) The title track is
      pretty much an hymn to rock 'n' roll, 50 years and still going
      strong, with light-hearted lyrics - cool song. "White Rhino" stands
      apart not only by being an instrumental with a very catchy beat, but
      also featuring a drum solo, which is a rare sight on studio albums.
      I'm pretty sure the band played this one live at this year's Classic
      Metal Fest in July. "Sativa" is pretty much an hymn to cannabis, a
      bit on the funny side. This is another song that was played at the
      CMF, and I get the feeling it could become a regular on their set-

      Anvil haven't reinvented themselves or whatever with this album,
      keeping in line with a proven formula of solid, classic heavy metal.
      If you're looking for pompous heavily keyboarded stuff, this is not
      for you. If you liked them up to now, you'll sure dig this, but if
      you're still stuck at "Metal On Metal" or didn't like the band
      before, this won't make you change your mind. Hey, it's your loss,
      not mine! ;)
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