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Re: I'm bitter....

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  • captain2man
    Here s a copy of the review - in case the link didn t work: ___________________________________________________________________ ANVIL - Still Going Strong
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 18, 2002
      Here's a copy of the review - in case the link didn't work:


      ANVIL - Still Going Strong (Massacre) (3 /10)

      Still going strong? Well, that's certainly subjective.

      ANVIL's umpteenth album opens with two tracks of pure and total
      greatness. They've got the power, dynamics, passion and drive that
      ANVIL used to fill entire albums with. They rush out of the starting
      gate in a torrent, screaming "ANVIL is fucking back!" "Race Against
      Time" and "In Hell" do it the way ANVIL hasn't done it since 1988's
      Pound For Pound. Then it's back to forgettable, uninspired
      fluff'n'filler for the album's remaining eight tracks. Like Plugged
      In Permanent, Speed Of Sound, Absolutely No Alternative and most
      other post-'80s ANVIL albums, you get great drumming, mean guitars
      and occasionally killer vocals, but if the songs themselves are built
      on riffs and ideas that aren't worth a damn, you're going to fell
      pretty ripped off (and bored).

      The prime offenders: "Holy Wood", which stomps clumsily into its
      successor, "Still Going Strong", a song whose riffs are about as lame
      as the lyrics. "Don't Ask Me" features some great vocals from Lips,
      reaching to all facets of his still-intact range. Unfortunately, the
      skeleton is strong where the meat and muscle is not, its main riff so
      impossibly generic that AC/DC or even ROSE TATTOO wouldn't touch it.
      Other than the utterly unnecessary four-minute drum solo that is the
      centerpiece of the instrumental "White Rhino" and the shameful rip of
      URIAH HEEP's "Easy Livin'" in "Sativa", there ain't a damn thing to
      remark about in the album's latter half. But those first two…
      daaaamn. "Race Against Time" opens things up with a muted guitar
      intro similar to 1983's epic "Free As The Wind". It heads into a less
      emotional and more fantasy-oriented metal trip than that classic
      song, overflowing with exciting riff change-ups, well-thought-out
      arrangements and that familiar Lips/Robb Reiner vocal/drum
      chemistry. "In Hell" slows the hectic pace to a dark crawl. If they
      were going for the massively heavy vibe of "Forged In Fire" here,
      they attain it beautifully. Lips' shrill high-pitched cries rear
      their head here, and without sounding like insipid retread, "In Hell"
      manages to capture the essence of ANVIL's best and heaviest work
      throughout its 4:20 duration (could that running-time be a purposeful
      nod to their fixation with weed?). There's even an unusual diffusion-
      and-return at the song's three-minute mark that shows there are at
      least a few interesting ideas left in the Canadian beast yet.

      But then it's all downhill after that, and we're left to drown in a
      mediocre assemblage of sub-par ANVIL songs. Even the typically
      incredible production work of Pierre Rémillard is missing. That said,
      he didn't have much to work with, as the songwriting doesn't favor
      his trademark mixture of dynamics, punch and clarity. So what will
      the next album be called? Full Of Filler?

      - Jeff Wagner

      --- In academyofanvil@y..., captain2man <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Complaint #1....can't take a roadtrip to Montreal to see Anvil.
      > Complaint #2....still have not received my copy of SGS. I'M THE
      > FOUNDER, DAMNIT!!!! **stomps on the floor like an infant**....I
      > MY NEW ANVIL RECORD!!!!!!!
      > Hey...to anyone that has the record.....was the Academy mentioned
      > all in the thanks list - or was the URL to the Academy printed at
      > in the record?? This & the official website (obviously) are the
      > largest Anvil "support groups" on the net....it would seem to have
      > been to the band's benefit to mention something about this group to
      > the world....oh well....I don't have the record yet - so what do I
      > know??
      > I found this review on the net...it's not a good review - but I
      > figured you would want to read it:
      > http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/showreview.aspx?
      > reviewID=94
      > - jeff
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