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    Élaine wrote: - Never write at the Academy before the third coffee.....- Dream on, people! Ozzy himself says he s Just a dreamer ...the worst is that he sold
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 11, 2002
      �laine wrote: - Never write at the Academy before the third coffee.....-
      Dream on, people! Ozzy himself says he's "Just a dreamer"...the worst is that he sold that "song" to the radio stations. If Ozzy can do ordinary stuff now in music and have his own broadcast on MTV, it's because of.....Sharon! The dream is the beginning of a project, and if we all believe in it...writing on the web on UFO site, Thin Lizzy sites about this "project", we don't know what would happen. Staying at my computer, I prefer suggest a Tour on a band's site forum or writing in a repetitive way to the ones who are concerned by this tour, than dreaming awake.

      It sounds weird (like all that I write), but it's weird that Anvil will play in Montreal with Hanker! Last year, I wrote Hanker telling that Anvil was interested to play with them in Quebec and I asked the drummer to write LIPS...Poor him, he didn't know what was Hanker (me either!) But, he answered a very nice way to the drummer... It's maybe a coincidence, but in November they'll play at the same place. Sometimes, to put some people in contact is good. I don't believe in coincidence.

      But don't forget that LIPS and Schrenker, whoops! They met in Japan and it wasn't a "success". Maybe the years would gave them a little more of wisdom and least pride...lol. Sure LIPS changed! When we met him in the 80's, he was shy and he didn't talk a lot... Now it's hard to stop him to talk!! (Space in your face...lol) Everything is possible when you belive in it..

      Tange :) (I'm awake now)

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