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Re: [Academy of Anvil] A bitch with Massacre

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    Well, Violation of chapter 3, article 777...What s a muffin stud ? Seriously, Anvil doesn t expect nothing from record companies, they all sux. They are there
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 9, 2002
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      Violation of chapter 3, article 777...What's a "muffin stud"?
      Seriously, Anvil doesn't expect nothing from record companies, they all sux. They are there to make money with the bands, that's all.....businessmen they are and they will be. Proof? King Diamond! What the hell with King Diamond??? Mercyfull Fate was good for the music, not for that grand father singing like a whale in agony! They just want to have the "main image" of Mercyful Fate to sell records, no matter the music is a pure shit!
      Deli....I tell you......waiting for your CD is waiting for .....something else. When you will hear it on your Hi Fi stereo, you will have the biggest .... pleasure :)
      If you all feel to tell that Anvil is the best Canadian metal band go at http://www.knac.com/article.asp?ArticleID=48&StartTime and log to write. Sure they ask if it's Rush or Triumph...who cares? I wrote a very "small message" and I let you guess what is my nick on this board. Come on! Go and write what you think about Anvil. Maybe it's going to awake those radio's jerkys.
      Deli, I don't have this handbook?????
      Tange :)
      catdeli wrote: Yeah, I have a bitch with Massacre Records. It is well-known that I
      am disappointed in them for not featuring AnViL on the front page of
      their website when they have all kinds of crap about their other
      cheeze-ball bands(ok, maybe they are not "cheeze-ball" but I'm pissed
      off). Uh, 'scuse me but Rock Legends AnViL just put out a new album
      on your label and you should be damn respectful and thankful for it!
      That's my opinion, anyway. So now they are trumpeting the fact that
      King Diamond has signed to Massacre for his next release. OK, cool, I
      like King too, but he holds NO GREATER ESTEEM than AnViL does and yet
      he gets a big splashy feature. I wanna strangle them!!!

      Hot under the collar again,

      ....and get this,,I still haven't gotten my pre-ordered copy of Still
      Going Strong from the stupid site I bought it from! So I will be one
      of the last in this Academy to hear it! Thanks a lot, mofo Impulse

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