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  • tangelaine2000
    Dan, you didn t insult me and made any offenses to me...It s just that I work and it s physically hard. I had two days off to relax, to ajust my site, to surf
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      Dan, you didn't insult me and made any offenses to me...It's just
      that I work and it's physically hard. I had two days off to relax, to
      ajust my site, to surf a bit reading some rock reviews and you put a
      cloud over my head. When I have a cloud over my head, I open my
      umbrella...I protect myself.

      I don't live with my parents since long time ago and I have
      responsabilities like pay the bills, clothes to buy, bus tickets to
      get and ALL KIND OF WORRIES. For a non English person, if the writing
      is not clear it can bring a lot of confusion. Tony writes one
      sentence by message (except when he takes the plane, he got a lot to
      say) :0) Did you see me getting mad at him....no cos I always
      understand what he writes. My vocabulary in English is limited and if
      you write in "Slang", I am lost dood... Wipy writes a different way
      now. You should go in the archives and see the way he used to write
      his messages...Now he writes pretty clear and I thank him. I hope he
      stopped to go at the stripper club...cos I'm so glad that he'll be a
      daddy soon.

      We had members from Sweden, Germany, Japan, France that was writing
      here...we will never know why they stopped to give us some news.
      Maybe they prefered to write messages in their own language cos they
      are sure to be understood and to understand the others. Let's always
      stay opened to other cultures, cos all wars, all conflicts, all
      terrorist's attacks began by a lack of communication or a language's
      misunderstanding. We can't change the world, but we can change our

      Tange XXXXXX
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