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Réf. : [Academy of Anvil] here tange this is the original email

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    Is there someone to explain Dan that I m non english, and that understand only clear and easy English? Peut-����tre que si j ����crivais mo���� aussi en slang
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 6, 2002
      Is there someone to explain Dan that I'm non english, and that understand
      only clear and easy English?

      Peut-être que si j'écrivais moé aussi en slang t'aurais d'la misère en
      tabarnak de traduire mes messages avec Internet. J'essaye de traduire tes
      emails voé tu, mais t'écris un anglais qui ne se traduit pas viarge.....Même
      le dictionnaire, ça marche pas. Comprends-tu queusse que j'écris? Ben
      Christ! Si t'es pas foutu de comprendre un esti de mot en frança, ris pas du
      monde qui se force à apprendre l'angla. C't'u clair le flo?

      It's not because you write in slang, a language that I have problem to
      understand that you have to post here that I'm crazy. I will log out the
      Academy if you don't shut your mouth, I have problems at the moment, many
      worries and I really don't feel to empty my emails box each hour. And for
      your advices on what I should answer to you, I don't give a fuck! You see,
      we can't communicate writing messages....How can you figure out to come at
      my place? Think about it...You're a member of the Academy, it doesn't mean
      that I have to accept everybody's request. Next message of this kind Dan,
      and I log out, I get out of here and I stay away for a while. Ask the others
      if I will........ Let me quiet.
      -------Message original-------

      De : academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com
      Date : 06 septembre, 2002 22:39:47
      A : academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com
      Sujet : [Academy of Anvil] here tange this is the original email

      "My money is worth more in CAnada so I think it would be
      very cheep to stay there, or free if I could stay at your house
      but I miight not be able to go because I may have to go to

      my next door neihgbor followed me into a garage and tried
      to get me to fight him, and also threatened to kill me.
      Im 18 and he is 47

      my whole family is trying to get this guy what he deserves"

      if anybody would get offended by this email please tell me

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