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Re: Eddie Trunk

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  • captain2man
    I can understand your peeve with him based on your personal experience...and that does suck. In his defense (not that he needs it) - he probably gets a
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 8, 2002
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      I can understand your peeve with him based on your personal
      experience...and that does suck. In his defense (not that he needs
      it) - he probably gets a zillion phone calls a day from people asking
      to announce this show or that show.....but, granted, he definitely
      should have announced the Anvil show.

      I guess, in a way, I'm trying to establish something of a
      relationship with him by hooking him up with some Anvil stuff. Maybe
      next time around - he will announce the show. As for
      airtime.....like an interview or a special spot for an
      announcement....that should be in the record label's hands.

      If the label is serious about promoting a new record....then they
      have to have a good publicist....and the NUMBER ONE radio show they
      should be targeting for promotion is Eddie Trunk's show...like him or
      not - he is the #1 metal show in NYC. $500 for a 10 minute
      interview - or whatever - might be well worth it for that label.

      I was at the last Castle Heights show.....and, although the guys
      played great - I couldn't help but feel so bad for them.....there
      were like 5 of us there watching them.

      Next time around......the show just has to be promoted like mad.
      Tons & tons of flyers.....radio spots......and bands who will draw
      people into the show......and, if it means Anvil not headlining, than
      that's what should be done.....whatever it takes to have as many
      people watch them as possible. It's an unfortunate trend that
      whenever I see Anvil, it appears that the opening band's fans leave
      when the band they came to see is done.....that just plain sucks. We
      all know Anvil deserves to be the headliners at these club shows -
      but, we have to deal with reality........the only way they can become
      a draw again is to appeal to the metal fans who go to shows NOW.

      The kids who came out to their shows when they were a bigger band in
      the early to mid-80's - now have spouses, kids, and mortgages....they
      don't, for the most part, go to shows anymore - let alone even know
      what shows are going on - let alone know that Anvil is a band that
      still is very alive & well. There's almost no way of reaching those
      fans anymore, unfortunately. The kids who are into speed metal now
      are too young to really remember Anvil in their prime, and,
      therefore - we have to get them on an opening slot on a big show with
      a headlining band who will draw the kids in.

      It's the only way......

      > Captain,
      > Although i enjoy any outlet fo hardrock/metal in NYC, Eddie
      > Trunk does a good job. I do haveone major peeve with him though:
      > I asked Mr. Trunk to announce the Anvil show at Castle Heights
      > last year in New York. He suggested I buy airtime, when I asked how
      > much, I was told a short spot was $500. This being above my
      > individual advertising budget, I had to decline. We discussed a
      > mention in the concert calender, he agreed. Come the time of the
      > concert calender, the show was never announced. Sometimes you
      > do get what you pay for! When approached for comment, I was told
      > the conversation never took place.
      > Anvil will always have an open invitation to play at Castle
      > Heights in Queens, New York. I am determined to have one of my
      > favorite bands exposed to a greater number of people.
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