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    Wipy..... The fact that you re going to be a father makes you so loveable . I don t have any doubt that you won t touch , because just to see you write this
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2002

      The fact that you're going to be a father makes you so "loveable". I don't
      have any doubt that you won't "touch", because just to see you write this
      way now prooves that to become a parent changes everybody. I don't have any
      children, my destiny I supposed....But, I'm quite sure that you won't need
      to go in those clubs once you old your baby in your arms. By the way, there
      s nothing wrong with it...you just like some choregraphy :)

      I hope we'll have a picture of you and you're baby in the member's photo
      album. If you can contact Massacre, suggest that they organize an Anvil Tour
      ......IN CANADA !!! Is that hilarious? I have the chance to be in the same
      country than my favorite band, but for some stupid reasons: I can't see them

      I'm sure Lips and Robb would like to see the Pyramids and the Maya's ruins.
      Greece was great, but South America is mysterious. Peru most.... I would
      like to go at Palenque to see the big stone with the astronaut on it....an
      astronaut of many thousands years old...The Maya Observatory too. Incas and
      Mayas civilization were great! Some scientist said they were not
      intelligent" like the egyptians just because they made human sacrifices...
      but I think they forgot that egyptians kept slaves, a lot of slaves! I hope
      Wipy that you enjoy this chance you got to see wonderful things like that. I
      m kidding....Mayas and Incas didn't have any strip club! Tell us when the
      baby will arrive !!! I keep on taking lotery to travel a bit some day, maybe

      Tange :)

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