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Re: NO more posts?

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  • tangelaine2000
    ... We didn t stop, Dan...There s members who take a holiday during the summer.We are waiting for next Anvil s album. That s a fact that last year people used
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 16, 2002
      --- In academyofanvil@y..., "moshkingdanvil" <anviladict@s...> wrote:
      > Why did people stop posting on this site?

      We didn't stop, Dan...There's members who take a holiday during
      the summer.We are waiting for next Anvil's album. That's a fact that
      last year people used to post more at the same period, but we said
      all we had to say about "Plenty of Power", we just wait to have new
      stuff to criticize :( or to applause :)

      Me too I want a t-shirt!! I know that some collectors got some from
      the 80'. I think that it's possible for you to get one, but a 20
      years old t-shirt is....a 20 years old t-shirt.

      I would like a navy shirt, I'm so bored about black shirts. I wish
      that it won't be Metal Merchant that will do the shirts for Anvil,
      dam... A cover like that deserves to get his own shirt, navy...and
      yeah, with lightnings at the back with Anvil writen at the back or
      SGS. You know what it looks like a band's name on a breast? Anvil
      becomes Advil, you don't even know what is the band exactly. Same
      thing for men with a big belly. I know that I repeat it but, holy
      shit I want a SGS SHIRT!! Metal Merchant sells albums, t-shirts are
      not their speciality. Why don't they let the making of a shirts to
      places that are specialized in that. It's a GREAT album cover we got

      You can find an old Anvil shirt, but you're going to pay the price
      probably...but you won't have to kill! :)

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