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My fave reviewer: EvilG / Metal Rules

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  • tangelaine2000
    This guy is totally cool...If I refer to his review of PoP in 2001, I m sure he s going to be impressed by what is coming on! I sent them info about the SIYF
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2002
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      This guy is totally cool...If I refer to his review of PoP in 2001,
      I'm sure he's going to be impressed by what is coming on! I sent them
      info about the SIYF and he published, he takes all infos about
      Anvil...and he really likes the band and recognize its value:

      Anvil - Plenty of Power
      July 2001 | Released: 2001, Hypnotic / TNT Music Distribution |
      Rating: 4.0/5 | Reviewer: EvilG

      After seeing Anvil live this past April I was treated to a dose of
      good ole' traditional metal. Refreshing, heavy and proof that this
      Canadian band still has plenty of power left in them. Today's Anvil
      line-up has been the same since 1996. It consists of Ivan Hurd (lead
      guitar), Robb Reiner (drums), Glenn Five (bass, backing vocals) and
      of course Lips on lead vocals/lead guitar. Both Robb and Lips have
      been together since 1978!

      I've recently been listening to most of Anvil's other albums from the
      90's and while they certainly have their moments they are nowhere
      near the greatness of PLENTY OF POWER. From the songwriting and
      riffing to the drum playing, this is just topnotch stuff even
      rivaling their classic era from the early 80's. Some people have
      probably forgotten about Anvil and only remember them for their
      anthem "Metal on Metal." While that song and period in Anvil's career
      is their most known, I'm here to tell you that they are still kicking
      ass on their new album and that if you liked their classic stuff and
      if you like classic yet aggressive metal then you have got to check
      this CD out!

      PLENTY OF POWER begins with the self-titled track and it's the
      catchiest song on the album, especially on the chorus. "Groove
      Science" has some very cool drums courtesy of long time drummer, Robb
      Reiner. This guy still has the ability to play tasty drum fills and
      to play double kicks with the best of them. On the intro to "Ball of
      Fire" he again plays some very killer drums, this guy is great!! The
      verses of "Computer Drone" actually remind me a bit of "Metal On
      Metal." Lips' voice has hardly changed since the early days. Of
      course if you know anything about Anvil, you know they have a sense
      of humor and do not always take themselves seriously. So a song
      like "Pro Wrestling" fits right in with that side of the band. The
      last track on here (besides the bonus track) is a sentimental
      overview of Anvil's career entitled "Real Metal." It's about how the
      band and the music Anvil play is not a trend, not a fad, not being
      done for the money but out of the love of real metal and pleasing the
      true fans that appreciate it. The lyrics say it best with, "Metal
      music straight from the heart. Not for the for the money just for the

      More information on this legendary band can be found at
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