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Sativa vs Sweet leaf

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  • tangelaine2000
    I didn t hear the song Sativa , I just hope the guitars are not too fuzzy...There s a similarity between Lips s lyrics (the meaning of those)and Black
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2002
      I didn't hear the song "Sativa", I just hope the guitars are not too
      fuzzy...There's a similarity between Lips's lyrics (the meaning of
      those)and Black Sabbath's "Sweet leaf". We all know that Anvil has
      been influenced by Sabbath and that Lips likes to smoke...but between
      the two songs, there's a thin line between the lyrics.

      I know smoking green is natural. I know that it's better smoking
      natural than take some chemical shit. But it stays a fact, in my
      province kids starts to smoke at 10 years old and they smoke what is
      on the black market. It's not a secret that the "Masters of
      irreality" adds PCP and a kind of strong speed to their hydroponic's
      crops.I'm asking myself if it's a good thing to encourage them to

      I remember that "when I was younger", pot was excellent: Acapulco
      gold most. I had my own plants in my room until my Mom watched a
      documentary on TV and recognized them. Woohoo! But, smoking made me
      eat a lot...After a couple, I used to eat like an elephant and at 15,
      I was a baby elephant. Teens get easily shy about their own body (I
      know what I'm talking about). I don't blame Lips cos that's his point
      of view and he's a bright guy, but mine is not the same.

      Tange :)
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