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Re : [Academy of Anvil] In the Studio - Depression?

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  • Élaine
    Oof! We ll see pics... :) A song called Depression ... I watched a documentary on Alice Cooper s life on TV, this guy is just great! In his first years, Alice
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2002
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      Oof! We'll see pics... :)

      A song called "Depression"...

      I watched a documentary on Alice Cooper's life on TV, this guy is just
      great! In his first years, Alice and his band did 7 albums in 4 years. Tours
      , blank nights and he became totally alcoholic. He lost his mind, because of
      a big depression and he said "Soul's cancer" to qualify this horrible
      feeling. Bob Ezrin described Alice at this moment like a being "without skin
      ... like if everything hurted him. I think he had a damn one!

      In my province, we have the highest rate of suicide in the whole country
      (kids). Kids receive their milk portion at school (milk contains vit. D).
      But, they stop to give it, when those kids are teens. I remember my
      teenage: Pepsi, french fries, cheese burger, pizza...and vinegar chips after
      smoking a joint. I am talking about Vit D, because Quebec is at North..
      winter is so long here, that we stay home like hermits... On newspapers at
      the spring, we can't stop to count how many young people did suicide.
      Hanged in the cellar, shot in the head or their veins opened.

      "The sun can be beneficial indeed with our moral. But, contrary to a largely
      spread idea, this n is not the exposure of the skin to the UV which of it is
      responsible! That's the visible light received by our eyes which makes it
      possible in certain cases to fight against the seasonal depression. Indeed,
      the visible light emitted by the sun or lamps particular used for meetings
      of "luminothérapie" (light-therapy) plays a role in the production of an
      hormone, the mélatonine, which intervenes on our biological rhythm and our
      moral." (Translated)

      I don't have any University diplomas in medecine, but instead of milk with
      synthetic vit. D, why don't they let the kids play longer outside during
      winter? And for the teens, an organized trip to Cuba or Florida in the
      middle of the winter, maybe at Christmas should slow down the depressions
      and death. No! They prefer to put all the money of the medical reshearches
      on Aid and Cancer (cos we die of it...). For them, depression stays a bad
      mental state"... But if all the youth die with nobody asking why... we won't
      have any future. 7 and 8 years old kids did suicide in my area last
      winter!!! No, I'm not depressed; oh no! I am just rebel to the society, I
      must be a punk with knowing it.

      I give you a break!

      Tange :)

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      Date : 10 mai, 2002 01:47:50
      A : academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com
      Sujet : [Academy of Anvil] In the Studio

      Hi everyone, we're still doing bed tracks but we only have 2 more to
      go, The titles are, Still Going Strong , I'm Defiant, Race Against
      Time, Setiva, White Rhino, Don't Ask Me, Holy wood, In Hell,
      Depression, What I'm About, and Waiting. The title (What I'm About)
      may change so don't carve these titles in stone yet!
      The sound in Pierre's new studio is amazing! I'm about 2 hours north
      of Montreal in the middle of the wilderness over looking a beautiful
      lake. This is the best experience I've ever had for recording. I will
      keep you updated.

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