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  • ´┐Żlaine
    Thank you for the specifications! Wolf = Maiden; I thought about it... I have Metal reggae and African Metal at home. It s a pen friend from Trinidad Tobaggo
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 3, 2002
      Thank you for the specifications! Wolf = Maiden; I thought about it...

      I have Metal reggae and African Metal at home. It's a pen friend from
      Trinidad Tobaggo who sent me a CD and yes, on some tunes we can dance but
      some others are amazing. Anyway, I don't dance before drinking a "COUPLE"

      My faves:

      INCERT COIN: - Fight, Spit, Doberman (death, power metal...???)

      BLEED: - Seed, Liar, Freezer (Sabbath influences)

      ORANGE SKY: - "Vitamine G" (Leave me all alone cos I'm stoned to the bones..
      I would dance on it.)

      JAUNDIS 1: - Obscure, Peace by piece (Scorpions's sound)

      I thought I was alone to listen to that kind of music...LOL!

      See you Spoony!


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      I'm on some kind of Manilla Road kick lately...I really hadn't ever
      listened to them, I had the 1st 2 lps back in the day and never liked
      them. Picked up "Atlantis Rising" on a whim a few months ago...and
      bought 5 others since then. Pretty much pure power metal with long,
      long songs.

      Think "..and Justice for All" long. I'd suggest "Atlantis Rising"
      or "Out of the Gates" from this list. I just got "Mystification"
      today and it's sounds pretty crunchy too...

      Wolf is like Maiden, but speedier. I like the first one better
      than "Black Wings" but I need to spend more time with "Black Wings".

      The Masters of Reality are like Sabbath on the first two records. I
      love the live one, but everything they do is good. Try ebay, there's
      usually a bit from them there at low prices.

      And if you like African music, Femi Kuti rocks. You'll dance your
      little azz off. If you don't know much about African music, this is a
      great record to start with. His dad was probably the most famous
      African musician ever, Fela. A true revolutionary who put his ass on
      the line against a brutal Nigerian government...and who even lost his
      mother to the cops because of his outspokenness. Even if you don't
      like the music, Fela was one of the greatest rebels ever and someone
      who you should read about. A true hero of truly oppressed people, and
      a hell of a sax player to boot. Anyway, check out Femi.


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