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    It s not cos I m a garl that I ve never heard of Overkill...lol. It s just that I prefer Frank to Sebby ...Just a matter of taste. I answered on the other
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      It's not cos I'm a garl that I've never heard of Overkill...lol. It's just
      that I prefer Frank to "Sebby"...Just a matter of taste. I answered on the
      other board that you can download a 35 mb video on Anvil home page. It was
      in 82-83? The song is Metal on Metal and you would see Anvil live with the
      original band. They all changed since but Anvil on an album and Anvil live
      is so different. Live, they're powerfull, hard to describe. The drums's
      sound, and the other music instrument goes right to your guts. If I remember
      .....cos I haven't seen Anvil for so long.

      Tange :)

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      Well, I don't have a Drivers liscence, so I would not be able to
      drive to Canada, I could live There, I would be an Immigrant Though.
      Youve never heard of OVERKILL???
      By the way I just bought Speed of Sound last night.
      As soon as I put the CD in, it became on e of my all time best CD's.

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