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  • catdeli
    ZzzzzZZzzzz...huh?? Whups! I musta dozed off for a while. Let s see...Tangelaine. I like that new name! Yes, I did catch the OZZY/ZOMBIE tour recently.
    Message 1 of 1587 , Jan 15, 2002
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      ZzzzzZZzzzz...huh?? Whups! I musta dozed off for
      a while. <br>Let's see...Tangelaine. I like that
      new name! <br>Yes, I did catch the OZZY/ZOMBIE tour
      recently. I got a seat in the 2nd row right in front of
      ZAKK. First band was Mudvayne. Sorry, but they did
      nothing for me except encourage me to go get more beer.
      Rap + metal= CRAP! So after them I made my way down
      front and the acid started to kick in. There were huge
      banks of subwoofers on the floor right in front of me.
      Zombie started to play and I was almost knocked on my
      ASS by the pounding! I almost retreated but soon
      started to enjoy it. I like Zombie's songs but the show
      was the main thing with him. There were all kinds of
      pyro and lights. Old monster movie clips on a big
      screen behind the stage and different big monsters and
      robots coming out on stage for each song. He had dancing
      hot Go-Go girls and the band all ran around a lot.
      Just what you'd expect from him. <br> Now, I always
      have a soft spot in my heart for OZZY. What can one
      say? This guy is as real as it gets. He pours it all
      out onstage for the fans and we love him for it. He
      was recovering from his leg fracture and wasn't able
      to run around as much as usual. He started the show
      up above the crowd at the back of the arena in a big
      Santa sleigh riding to the stage. He tossed candy and
      trinkets out to the crowd below as a big Santa on a cross
      burned onstage. The band SMOKED!! Zakk is AWESOME! Ozzy
      was tired. He apologized for being below par but we
      just cheered him on all the harder. We need to get
      ANVIL on a few dates of the Ozzfest this year. <br>
      School, Tange? I hope its ROCK SCHOOL! Although, I'm sure
      you don't need any more training in that area.
      <br><br>Enough pointless babble,<br>catdeli
    • √Člaine
      ... ____________________________________________________________________ This is one of the first message that LIPS wrote to this board...Can I return the
      Message 1587 of 1587 , Jan 23, 2003
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        --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, anvilips2000 wrote:

        > Where is everyone tonight?


        This is one of the first message that LIPS wrote to this board...Can
        I return the question? Where are you LIPS? It's not because we want
        you to answer to all little crazy messages we write, it's because in
        my case: I worry.

        Did he break his leg, his arm (No!!)? I don't even want to know about
        what you do or think.....Just want to know that you're fine, if you
        are okay and if Anvil still exist.

        I've never heard about The Foundation's gig...I imagine all kind of
        bad thing. Does he have a pneumonia? (secondary smoke yunno, hmmmm...)
        A cold maybe? We all know that you work hard, but Dan wrote a message
        to remind you some festivals...Why don't you react? Are you bored of
        your own fanclub, man?

        I would like to have your opinion on this Def Leppard's commercial
        song...Do you hear the "Back in Black" riff and the "Rock of ages"
        melody? "Am I going insane"?

        Also, I would appreciate IF you could take a look at
        www.anvil.here.ws and that you tell me if you find the colors
        too "feminin". And, if it is....suggest me some ideas, it's easy to
        change that.

        You know that I'm really worry about you, dood? A truck accident? I
        don't know cos you don't give any news...You were all friendly
        posting here, and then you stopped suddenly. Did we offend you or
        something like that?

        tange :(
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