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Re: Dec. 18, 2000 - Dec. 18 2001

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  • captain2man
    OK - so, it was Tange......I should have figured. Well, Tange -- that was brilliant. Good conversations about mythology. Clash of the Titans -
    Message 1 of 1587 , Jan 2, 2002
      OK - so, it was Tange......I should have
      figured.<br><br>Well, Tange -- that was brilliant.<br><br>Good
      conversations about mythology. "Clash of the Titans" -
      definitely in my Top 10 of all-time favorite
      movies.<br><br>As far as the record cover conversation goes - it IS
      the music that matters - but that doesn't mean you
      ignore the record cover, either.<br><br>I hadn't really
      thought about it too much - but I really am not crazy
      about the PoP cover, either. Maybe it's a bit too
      tounge-in-cheek for my tastes (not that Anvil would ever be
      accused of not having a sense of humor). I, too, go for
      the darker album covers. I like 'Speed of Sound''s
      cover a lot - and I think MoM and FiF would finish up
      tied for 2nd.<br><br>OK - well - again - Happy New
      Year to everyone.<br><br>Hey Lips....give us an
      update. Is the record ready? Any tour plans at
      all?<br><br> - Cap'n
    • √Člaine
      ... ____________________________________________________________________ This is one of the first message that LIPS wrote to this board...Can I return the
      Message 1587 of 1587 , Jan 23, 2003
        --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, anvilips2000 wrote:

        > Where is everyone tonight?


        This is one of the first message that LIPS wrote to this board...Can
        I return the question? Where are you LIPS? It's not because we want
        you to answer to all little crazy messages we write, it's because in
        my case: I worry.

        Did he break his leg, his arm (No!!)? I don't even want to know about
        what you do or think.....Just want to know that you're fine, if you
        are okay and if Anvil still exist.

        I've never heard about The Foundation's gig...I imagine all kind of
        bad thing. Does he have a pneumonia? (secondary smoke yunno, hmmmm...)
        A cold maybe? We all know that you work hard, but Dan wrote a message
        to remind you some festivals...Why don't you react? Are you bored of
        your own fanclub, man?

        I would like to have your opinion on this Def Leppard's commercial
        song...Do you hear the "Back in Black" riff and the "Rock of ages"
        melody? "Am I going insane"?

        Also, I would appreciate IF you could take a look at
        www.anvil.here.ws and that you tell me if you find the colors
        too "feminin". And, if it is....suggest me some ideas, it's easy to
        change that.

        You know that I'm really worry about you, dood? A truck accident? I
        don't know cos you don't give any news...You were all friendly
        posting here, and then you stopped suddenly. Did we offend you or
        something like that?

        tange :(
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