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743Re: Bang your head -> pressings

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  • metalpounder
    Jul 5, 2001
      Well, I bought them of course. <br>The ZYX
      Metallic LP was the same but black and white on the
      back.<br>Same goes for the PfP promo, with the text "for
      promotion only".<br>FiF LP just have the Attic logo below
      and the distrubution text mentions some town in
      Germany.<br>PaP CD have only the MetalBlade-logo (without Enigma)
      and just the text "Made in Germany" printed.<br>If
      you're interested I can trade the ZYX Metallic LP (I got
      two) for one of your Korea-pressings of MoM. <br>I
      also got two copies of the Plenty of Power promo sheet
      if you want one.
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