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506Re: www.htzfm.com - on the Web

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  • tangerine125
    May 31, 2001
      No, not at all. You told us before about that
      great news. But, 97.7 here is CHOM FM, in Germany it
      must be something else and in Sweden...etc. The only
      way for us to hear Lips, is on Internet.<br><br>I put
      the link that was in your message few days ago. As
      the interview is Saturday, if someone is looking for
      97.7, just have to go in "Links". The Stats (down your
      screen) in the Club are not always available and we can't
      know who read the messages and who doesn't. I wanted
      to be sure that everybody will have the
      url.<br><br>We're all happy that this radio station supports Anvil.
      However, I tried to listen to it yesterday and the server
      was overloaded. It was written "Try later". I wish
      I'll be on time to have a chance to log and hear
      Lips.<br><br>Tange :)
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