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4207New Member:Who is/should open for Anvil on US Tour?

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  • Ben
    Oct 19, 2009
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      Hey, just joined up. Been a fan of the group since the late 80's.
      So I was thinking about who would be good on a bill with Anvil on this current US tour coming up. And one band keeps coming to mind as being perfect.....RAVEN!

      I would love to see these two on a bill.
      I don't know who is booking this thing, but c'mon! Both bands have been around since the late 70's early 80's..Both have had label/management woes..Both have had a long hard road..But only one had a movie-guy in thier corner..So hey,Lipps, you hit the friggin' rock n' roll lottery man..Time to pay that shit forward..Give Raven a call, and hook em' up with a few support slots!..
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