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4193Re: A couple questions if anybody knows

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  • captain2man
    May 31, 2009

      If you want a more comprehensive history of the band, including the details surrounding why Ivan is no longer in the band, I'd strongly recommend getting the book.

      The book, unlike the movie, is much more "no holds barred" as far as the history of the band is concerned.

      The book is a dialogue between Lips & Robb....so keep that in mind while reading it....true - it doesn't get more authorative when it comes to the history of the band as it does coming from the lips of Lips (ha) and Robb....after all - Anvil is their band...and they weren't afraid to let it all out....I wouldn't blame some former members of the band for not being too happy about they were portrayed and since the book's point of view is only through the eyes of Lips & Robb, the other guys in the band - including Ivan - don't have a platform in which to share their version of the history.

      But in any case - if you want a less sugar-coated history of the band - especially in regards to Ivan and why the band - historically a 4-piece - became a trio - then the book is your best source.

      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "astraltraveller420" <astraltraveller420@...> wrote:
      > I was just curious about the second guitarist 'cause I always thought they were a quartet. So I assume this must be the first time in Anvil's history that they've been a trio. Also before they played but after the movie Steve said something to the effect "why do we need a bo bo guitarist when we have such a great bassist." (Glenn really is a great bassist though) I thought that comment was very uncool, unnecessary & unprofessional. He should have just said he left the band & left it at that. (so if his heart wasn't into it anymore I assume he quit) I hope he's not saying this before they go on at all these movie shows. I think Robb would be way cooler & laid back than Steve anyway & I can't see him saying something like that; not publicly anyway.
      > I was also unsure about the opening act thingie. Even Don Jamieson on That Metal Show said the same thing to those guys that one of these bands should take you out on the road with 'em. Though he didn't ask 'em directly why not & they didn't comment. Now I would think most "normal" bands wouldn't have a choice as to who opens for 'em, but some bands can hand pick their openers. Like a band as big & powerful as Metallica who just got inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame I would think would be able to hand pick their opening act. (even long before their induction too) And besides, with as much attention as Anvil's gotten recently, (possibly the most in their whole career?) I would think it could help boost attendance (even if they're not young anymore) at least a little on somebody's bill.
      > Kevin
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