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4186A couple questions if anybody knows

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  • astraltraveller420
    May 23 11:18 AM
      I'm new to the list here. Anyway, I saw the Cincinnati Anvil show exactly two weeks ago today & was pretty cool. Just wish it was longer than only twenty-five minutes, in the dark, a wall of amps & I could have smoked & drank. lol Never the less, I've seen 400 plus shows & can't say I've ever seen one in a movie theater before so that was different & unique anyway. lol But I digress. I was just wondering (& forgot to ask Steve, Robb or Glenn) what happened to their second guitarist who was in the movie. The other thing I was especially curious about & forgot to ask 'em was if Stash, Scott Ian, Lemmy Kilmister, Tom Araya & Lars Ulrich are such big fans of Anvil & were influenced by them, then why don't Velvet Revolver, Anthrax, Motorhead, Slayer or Metallica bring them out on tour with them as their opening act? Thanks.
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