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4155Re: Back from NYC

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  • Jimmy Crackcorn
    Jun 1, 2008
      Hey all,

      Back from Brooklyn, Yo! The movie was so well done and you need to
      see it on the big screen for full effect. The crowd there loved it
      and enjoyed the Q & A session with the band and Sacha afterward.
      I had hoped to get a bunch of shots of the concert but the BAM staff
      was right on us to not take any pictures. The Pro photogs with their
      big SLR's were allowed to snap away. So that was that.

      Here is the setlist as we remember it:
      March Of The Crabs
      This Is Thirteen
      Winged Assassins
      Flying Blind
      Race Against Time
      Forged In Fire
      School Love(Sacha on drums)
      Metal On Metal

      It was a very intimate concert with the band set up in a small alcove
      and everybody gathered around on the floor in their faces. Small P A
      but good sound and not crushingly loud(not that there's anything
      wrong with that!).
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