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4148When Will Anvil Tour THE Americas????

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  • TED
    May 24, 2008
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      YEH I know sorry I kind of dropped out of this group for well over 2
      years or more,,Mainly you can catch me on myspace almost 24/7.. But yeh
      Man Its been like Fucking 10 Years since I seen Anvil,, I was wondering
      if They will hit ever an Americas Tour,, Yes IN to USA,Mexico,Puerto
      Rico and South America,,,That will Kill if they do,, I know Even
      Exciter in the old days in the mid 80s played Brazil.. I just hope that
      Anvil can do this if not this year next year for sure,, So Yeh thet
      would Kill for sure,, IM Just wondering too if The Gas is expensive
      there in Canada like USA Now Cause Yeh Man I know it will be expensive
      for Anvil to tour here but at least THE Candaian Lonney is stronger
      then the dollar now,, Come on Anvil Tour The Americas,,, WIPS....