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4080Re: [Academy of Anvil] TIT mini-review

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  • elaine
    Aug 23, 2007
      Hey well,

      I agree completely and for once, I would say that I have the same
      "highlights" than Tony but I could add "American refugee" and of course:
      "This is Thirteen". Let's say that I didn't listen to it enough yet... :0)


      tgalloca wrote:
      > This one is a bit heavier than their last couple of albums. The
      > production is great. Producing this is Chris Tsangarides who produced
      > METAL ON METAL and FORGED IN FIRE. This thing is full of great riffs
      > and great drumming. The songs are mainly in the traditional Anvil vein
      > with a twist. The result is a fantastic listen.
      > HIGHLIGHTS: "Bombs Away", "Burning Bridges", "Ready To Fight", "Flying
      > Blind", "Should' A Would' A Could' A"
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