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4042from an old stranger....

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  • captain2man
    Aug 14, 2006
      When I started this group in December of 2000 - I had no idea that
      almost 6 years & 4000 posts later, that this group would still be

      I think that's a huge tribute to one of the greatest metal bands of
      all time - who - lucky for all of us - are Still Going Strong.

      I know that I rarely, rarely post here - it's probably been well over
      a year - but I do lurk & do keep up with what's going on in Anvil-land.

      I'm definitely looking forward to the next record & definitely the
      documentary - that should be insane!

      One thing I'm hoping one of the experts could clear up (Tony G.??) - I
      heard a rumor that Anvil can no longer enter the U.S. to play. For a
      time - they were down here quite frequently - at least twice a year -
      however, they've played no shows in the U.S. in probably close to 5
      years or so. This sucks!!!

      Is this rumor true?? If so - why?....and....is this a permanent

      In any case - I see that there's been a lack of activity on this forum
      for awhile now - hopefully I can instigate some conversation.

      P.S....happy belated 50th to Mr. Lips!
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