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3996South America Anvil Tour 2005...

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  • wipy1999
    Dec 26, 2005
      Hi Tange and all Whats UP???? Hey Just been on Hotmail Messenger with
      friends of mine from South America and people can help out on this for
      sure.. Why not Anvil also play in Ecuador,Peru and Chile???? I did E
      Mail Them at anvil666@... and no one got back to me on this.. My
      friend John Hanford from Johnny Vomit said Hey Anvil responds>>>>> But
      so far no respoding of anything.. OK I need to get off the Computer
      here soon I must go back to work tommorrow And My Wife needs to go to
      work too. Need to also put the kid to sleep soon.. I will get back on
      this soon... Lips respond to my E Mail or post back here>>>> Where are
      The Shows in Colombia too??? Got to go now,,,, WIPY.......
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