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3985Anvil Tour 2005

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  • anvilips2000
    Dec 12, 2005
      I don't know where to begin!!!! Believe it or not I tried writing
      this when I was in Greece but for some reason I wasn't able to post
      what I had writen. It was a long tour and quite an experience. We
      toured using camper vans which is way we used to tour in the USA in
      the mid eighties. I was fantastic for sight seeing, because in a
      tour bus you don't really get to see things the same way and you
      don't get to stop when or where ever you want. When we were in Italy
      we played in Rome , so right after we finished packing up we went
      and drove to the Colliseum. It nwas about 4 in the morning but I did
      get to see where the gldiators would fight to the death. Much like
      all museum things it was quite weird in a sence seeing in real life
      how large this structure really is. We did this kind of thing on a
      tight crazy schedule. At one point we took the Chunnel to get to
      England...really cool train that you kind of drive into. I should
      mention the actual name for this tour was Pitch your Gitch Tour. We
      tied all our dirty socks and underwear onto the back of the camper
      on the bike rack and bumper. It was quite amusing for the camper
      rental company when the campers where returned. Men never grow up or
      should I says boys never grow up. Ivan Tyler and Peter played with
      one of those mechanical plush toy grabbing machines at a truck stop
      in England, they one at least 30 stuffed toys. Tyler, Robbs son and
      Peter (Metal Pounder) Swenson from Sweden. It was cool to have Peter
      hang out for a few days. He didn't want to leave to go back to work.
      The gigs where great for the most part, other than England were the
      gig was completely unadvertised , it was still fun for the few who
      saw us. We did an extended 8 days in Greece which was like the icing
      on the cake..... But more like the tziki on the souvlaki. nonstop
      eating. Greg our man in Greece was really a pleasure to work with. I
      know I will return to Greece for sure in the future. We have many
      dedicated Anvil fans there. Another place that blew us away was this
      small club called Negosonic, in Belgium. It was really a lot of fun
      to play a small place because the people were right there in your
      face. On the sad side I must report the the Czec Republic gig ripped
      us for 300 Euro because the support band didn't have enough time to
      play because we arrived late. But hey we were coming from Sweden!!!!
      over 16 hours drive. We still made it in time to play and the people
      were great!!! It was a cool show, too bad the promoter was a thief.
      All in all it was one of the best if not THE best tour I've ever
      done, certainly the most amount of continuous shows without a lot
      of cancellations. We lost 2 shows because of the riots in France,
      one show in France and the other in Spain because you must go
      through France to get to Spain. I made up for at least one of these
      shows by doing a show at the Negosonic club in Aalst Belgium. The
      days off as a result of this was spent in Holland....weed I say
      more? The mood of the troops was good through out this tour of
      duty.We are now on a short holiday and will be back writing at
      rehersal after the new year. The movie is continuing, plans for home
      shots are Christmas morning? oh GREAT!!!Transylvania was legendary!!!
      the movie tells all
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