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3983Welcome back Anvil!

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    Dec 12, 2005
      Well, it was a huge tour! I looked at the recent pictures and I'm amazed by the way the guys look…healthy! I mean, I thought that Lips was exaggerating when he was telling that performing live was a "need". Now, I know it is for real. I looked at Robb' smile on tour and it was different. He really seemed happy to be on a picture :) Same thing for Ivan. Honestly, I thought that they would look tired in Montreal: AT ALL! They don't… I'm really happy for them, they saw almost all the European countries, met all their fans and are back in Canada in shape.

      Yes, the Anvil was "forged in fire"! I don't know what's going to happen with "This is Thirteen" but I hope that the tour brought a lot of inspiration and energy to my favorite band. I'm not Russian or Greek…….(got no percing, no tatoo) but from LIPS to ANVIL, I'm a fan. I'm glad for Anvil and for those that had the opportunity to see them live during the tour. I hope that they had plenty of fun!

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