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3976Anvil in Germany

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  • xcygnusxyyzx
    Nov 7, 2005
      I was traveling to Germany along with Raven to help them out at thier gig at
      the KEEP IT TRUE FEST V, as you all know , Anvil were playing the warm up
      gig on friday night. The people who put on the festival picked us up at the
      airport in Frankfurt, and brought us to the Hotel. We hung around this small
      town that looked like it was still wondering where Hansel and Gretel had
      gone. They again picked us up around 7 to go to the warm up gig so that John
      could sing with POWERGOD who cover Mind over Metal. We walked into the
      gig, and it wasnt yet full but it looked like maybe 500 kids or more could fit in
      there. We went backstage and Lips saw John and it looked like two brothers
      who had nt seen eachother in 20 years. It was a great family reunion for the
      two bands and I was happy to be there. By around 1045 or so anvil were
      ready to play in front of a packed house of screaming german metal Heads. I
      watched from the back of the stage as Ivan and Glenn and lips walked out,
      Lips turned around and yelled at me, WILL YOU GET ROBB SO WE CAN
      PLAY!!!! I went upstairs and grabbed Robb and the show started. Nothing
      made me more happy than to see ANVIL play this gig. They opened with 666
      and the entire club was singing along. Other Anvil standards such as School
      Love, March of the Crabs , Forged in Fire , Motormount, winged assassins,
      Bottom Feeder, and race against time were incredible that night, I hope every
      gig they play is equally as good. Its about time anvil play to thier true Fans
      who havent seen them. Good luck on the rest of the dates.
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