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3938Re: Who here likes Sabbath?

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  • Jimmy Crackcorn
    Jul 11, 2005
      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "tangelaine2000"
      <elainerochefort@h...> wrote:
      > I only saw "Sabbath" with Dio singing (not bad) or Ian Gillan (not
      > good) and Ozzy in the 80's. Ozzy was drunk, stoned and the last
      > time...on Prozac.

      Yes, I never got to see the original Sabbath when they played the
      States (kicks self) but I did see them with Dio and then with Gillan
      also. When they toured here with Dio, we went to their motel for
      autographs and they traveled in 2 separate limos. One had Geezer and
      Vinny Appice and the other that we caught had Tony and RJD. We had to
      climb into the limo and hand our albums to them for signatures and
      hellos and then they were off.
      Later in April '83 at the same motel, we found Ozzy, whose hair was
      just growing back because he had drunkenly shaved his head one night
      (remember that?). He was alone in the bar with his bodyguard, as my
      friend and I timidly sat down at the other end, not daring to go
      near. We were going to go over but he was in the midst of a serious
      shots and beers session just then. Soon after, his handler came over
      and asked if we were there to see Ozzy. Well, we certainly looked the
      part: long hair, black rock shirts and leathers. He took our albums
      over to Ozzy and I had a new calendar that Ozzy had not yet seen. He
      was getting a big kick out of the photos of him and his dwarf
      friend "Ronnie"(haha) so he called us over and bought us drinks. We
      sat there and didn't say much as he continued to down the shots and
      beers. The bodyguard would not allow any photos because of his state,
      understandably. We went back the next morning and I managed to take a
      few pics of Ozzy going out to his bus. He said he would do some
      photos with us when he finished but before it could happen, the
      bodyguard chased us away. We were not going to argue with this bloke,
      believe me!

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