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3936Re: [Academy of Anvil] Who here likes Sabbath?

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  • Heavymetalhead.com
    Jul 11, 2005
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      > Message: 4
      > Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 23:50:48 -0000
      > From: "Jimmy Crackcorn" <catdeli@...>
      > Subject: Who here likes Sabbath?
      > Last night we put in my old bootleg videotape of Black Sabbath
      > Live in Paris 1970. If you have any passing interest in BS, find a
      > copy of this immediately to see them just as Paranoid album was
      > coming out. So good! Tange was amazed! This is Ozzy before he
      > became "Ozzy Osbourne" and he wasn't the whole show but just
      > stood to the side of the stage and watched as the others played.
      > He was really into the songs and could be the first "headbanger"
      > maybe. He was doing it a lot on stage before it became popular
      > to do. They got a lot of stick from the pompous critics of the day
      > but looking back now it is easy to see that they had "IT" in
      > spades. Bill Ward's drumming was always panned but he can do
      > no wrong on this show. Just to hear his classic drum tunings and
      > those trademark fills in a live setting, you go "Yup, that's the
      > original!".

      I'm a huge, huge fan of Sabbath. They and Ozzy were my bread and butter when I was first getting into metal some 18 years ago. I have this boot as well and my favorite from it is "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" - a lesser-known number from the first album but one I really like because it never ever got performed all that much. I think if I remember right War Pigs has some alternate lyrics to it, too. Quite possibly the best video boot of Sabbath from the 70s that exists. There was one of Sabbath in Toronto circa 1972 that I've heard exists and in fact I've seen snippets of - from an outdoor festival of some sort and the quality is really grainy. Wish I could remember more 'cuz I would love to see it.

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