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  • tgalloca
    Jul 4, 2005
      It is true. This is what is happening so far:


      (ANVIL/ PHANTOM-X Tour 2005)
      Tues. Nov. 1st- ROCK TV - LIVE INTEVIEW

      Wed. Nov.2nd- ITALY

      Thurs. Nov. 3rd- SWITZERLAND

      Fri. Nov. 4th- KEEP-IT-TRUE FESTIVAL (meet and greet only) - GERMANY

      Sat. Nov. 5th- GERMANY

      Sun. Nov. 6th- FRANCE

      Mon. Nov. 7th- DAY OFF

      Tues. Nov. 8th- UK

      Wed. Nov. 9th- UK

      Thurs. Nov. 10th- GERMANY

      Fri. Nov. 11th- BAROEG -ROTTERDAM - HOLLAND

      Sat. Nov. 12th- BELGIUM

      Sun. Nov. 13th- DANIMARK

      Mon. Nov. 14th- DAY OFF

      Tues. Nov. 15th- SWEDEN

      Wed. Nov. 16th- FINLAND

      Thurs. Nov. 17th- S. PETERSBURG (Russian)ยจ

      Fri. Nov. 18th- MOSCOW

      Sat. Nov. 19th- POLAND

      Sun. Nov. 20th- DAY OFF

      Mon. Nov. 21st- DAY OFF

      Tues. Nov. 22nd - CZEC REPUBLIC

      Wed. Nov. 23rd- AUSTRIA

      Thurs. Nov. 24th- SLOVAKIA

      Fri. Nov. 25th- HUNGARY

      Sat. Nov. 26th- BULGARIAN

      Sun. Nov. 27th- TURKEY

      Mon. Nov. 28th- DAY OFF

      Tues. Nov. 29th- GREECE
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